Are you out of your minds?

Terrance's friends asked him to come out and play.

These colors don't match well.

I can't read cursive, so could you write in block letters, please?

Don't be stingy.


He raised his hat.

I'm just about finished with my homework.

More often than not, she had to go in person.

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Srinivasan has got it in for me.


I wasn't sure what to do.

It is necessary that you follow the advice of your mother.

He was gasping for breath as he ran.


Shean showed the letter to me.

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Everyone suggest me to stay in bed, but I want to go out and enjoy.

America, we have come so far. We have seen so much. But there is so much more to do. So tonight, let us ask ourselves, if our children should live to see the next century, if my daughters should be so lucky to live as long as Ann Nixon Cooper, what change will they see? What progress will we have made?

I expect to do it soon.

Your offer is very attractive, but we will have to think about it.

Raman helped Barry pick up her stuff.

All of us are getting older.

Kyung drank three glasses of wine at the party.


I hope you will be completely cured.

Who's your favorite writer?

Ralf seems somewhat unsure of himself.

What's your favorite movie this year?

Nicolas felt himself growing impatient.


The GNP has been growing at a snail's pace.

Employers expect their employees to give 110 percent.

Puyehue Volcano keeps on spewing lava.

Clem thought he'd lost his wallet, but eventually found it after searching the house for an hour or so.

My father implied our summer trip was arranged.

What you're suggesting we do won't work.

It seemed the quarrel would finally be talked out, when Mark added fuel to the fire by bringing up the question of who was guilty.


The girl tried hard to hold back her tears.

That tie is too expensive.

Leif can't stay here any longer.

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Pedro convinced me that I was wrong.

Julius set about solving the problem in a systematic and determined way.

I'll be in Boston about a month or so.

He was good at this game.

Can you identify this?

I can easily convince you of his innocence.

Sandip scratched herself.

I tried to leave early, but people kept asking me for help.

You don't have much money but I'm happy because I'm with you.

I wonder if you really understand what I mean.

It's a question of life or death.

It's not always so easy to do the right thing.

I have no intention of staying here in Boston.

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I spend what time I can spare in reading.

I am ignorant of the reason for their quarrel.

Horus was often depicted as a falcon, or as a man with a falcon head.

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Jwahar handed the map to Kurt.


She cried with joy how lucky she was.

He made several serious mistakes.

I want our team to win.

You may as well wash your shirt.

I see no reason.

Jarl thought that Clem didn't know how to speak French.

The chain of crimes are thought to have been committed by the same man.


That's kind of rude.

You have a beautiful family.

Am I dreaming?


I'm not sure if I already welcomed you to Tatoeba. So possibly for the second time: Welcome!


I would gladly go to the beach with you, but I don't have the time today.


The capital of Vietnam is Hanoi.

She got up early in order to see the sunrise.

We all knew Mick was bluffing.


We have to focus.


Vincenzo and Roxane spend a lot of money on their son.

I also, same as you, don't trust Yahoo Auction ratings.

I sent some money to her.


Dave is just a little stressed lately.

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You seem to recognize me.

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They are out of funds.

Please send me your photo.

Samuel didn't arrive home until dawn.

Tricia advised Phil not to go there by herself.

I was going to try and get the archive, but I forgot.

Lindsay got out of the truck.

The coldest place in Canada is the research base Eureka, in Nunavut.


It bothered me.

I often chew some mentholated gum after a meal.

I always drink a glass of milk before going to bed.

I thought you wouldn't notice that Suzan wasn't here.

We don't want to be the last ones there.

The amount of time Root estimated that it'll take seems reasonable.

I thought a lot about what Myrick said.

I was disappointed by your article.

How thin is too thin?

Tolerant is a very lovely woman.

When does this play start?


I'm going to have to think about that one.


Never did I dream of such a thing.

You seem to have mistaken me for my older brother.

The order is shipping on time even though it was placed at the very last second.

He has little clotting factor, so even the tiniest paper cut bleeds and bleeds.

The reason will never be known.


My wife died of cancer.

Colonel Yuri A. Gagarin was born on a collective farm in a region west of Moscow, Russia on March 9, 1934.

Curry and rice is my favorite dish.


Forget her.

I went out even though it was raining.

Life needs to be lived.

She was intrigued.

He didn't give an answer to the question.

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What a wonderful night!

The lake is made not by nature but by art.

Excuse me, I think you've dropped something.

Saul was the only one not laughing.

This change will make your plan more interesting.

She went to Paris for the first time.

A good mastery of these idiomatic expressions and skillful use of them in writing essays.


You have some money, don't you?

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You can't let the dog out of the yard.

They did not like my book.

They brought Tracey in on a stretcher.


Elvis said that everything was fine.

It doesn't have to be like that.

Allow me to kiss you again.

I'm sure it must be true from all that I've heard.

He was involved in the puzzle.


You should never ask a woman her age.

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Do you really want to go there?

We went aboard the ship at ten.

My town is surrounded by tall mountains.

Lignite is a fossil fuel.

I'm not arresting them.

Congratulations to all!

I can't do anything for them.

Ssi's opinions are generally conservative.

He started off a country bumpkin.

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He's a nonsmoker.

Kriton doesn't really want to go with us.

I had to resign because I just didn't get along with the new boss.

He worked very hard to make his dream come true.

He wouldn't hurt a fly.

She was a rather prim and proper young lady.

And how about you?


He likes his job.


I thought you'd eventually realize Rajeev didn't like you.

I receive a million messages a day and I can't answer them all.

We have to wait here.

What's wrong with the elevator?

Which subject do you like best?

We need your help!

She's a hooker.

The petrol station is open seven days a week.

Cristopher doesn't have a steady girlfriend.

Don't just stand there like a lump, start taking notes!

There were a lot of people on the street.


Her voice carries well.


She was promoted.

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I have trouble with German grammar.


I've got to do it.

How do we do that?

It looks like that huh?


What's in the bottle is just water.

Since he started at eight, he ought to be there by now.

Christiaan Barnard was a South African doctor.