The dictionary that I bought was delivered to me this morning.

Be sure to keep in mind that you're supposed complete the work within a week.

I don't remember what happened anymore.

Would you please sign our petition?

Horst has been quite unlucky, hasn't he?

Johann was asleep in his quarters.

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Have you taken your medicine?

When bears sleep or lie down, their postures depend on whether they want to get rid of heat or conserve it.

Light travels faster than sound. Therefore some people seem bright until you hear them speak.

Mason wondered how Pim could be so sure that it was going to snow.

Farmhouses have barns.


They made up an unlikely story.


I'd like to buy that, but I don't have any money.

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Price had no options left.

It was night. But a full moon was shining.

That link used to take me to your website, but it doesn't work anymore.

Po pumped his fist in the air.

Is Lance free now?

I can understand your skepticism.

The train was very crowded so I had to stand all the way to Ueno.

You should have stopped while you had the chance.

What is the height of Mount McKinley ?


There was no escaping Pamela.

He looks just like his brother.

You seem different today.


I guess I'll have to think it over.

Danielle wants my telephone number.

We were walking on dead soldiers. This is the worst sight that a man ever wants to see.

Al likes her coffee steaming hot, while Rodney likes his lukewarm.

I want Neville to do it alone.

He stared at that detailed miniature model of a dinosaur.

It's my pleasure.


My room number is 5.


Ray and Rudolph have a son named John.


Go and look for Joel.


Who told you to bring me here?

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Dan likes you more than anybody else.

Stephan has had good role models.

Lunch is included.


This will help our business along.

This is a view of the Alps.

Sometimes, I feel like a hamster racing on a wheel.

He thought maybe this was a trick.

Have you told Page about your back pain?

I thought it was forbidden.

Six and four are ten.

Nichael blames me for everything.

I have to take a bath, because I'm all sweaty.

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Don't forget him.

Pay attention to everything Giovanni says.

Give us a minute.

Let's go to your apartment.

You have to sit in the back.

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I used to be a planner, but now I'm a wreckless punk.

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I was a doctor.

Fasten your seat belts when you drive a car.

In the wild wilderness, a leopard mother caresses her cub, as Hagar did Ishmael; or a queen of France the dauphin.

"I love you" - I could never say something like that.

Tarmi likes music a lot.


Don't eat pork without cooking it first.


The door opened by itself.


The doctor spoke to the effect that my father would soon get better.

At Tatoeba, it is better not to annotate or specify a precise meaning that is not an integral part of the sentence. You can add multiple sentences instead of putting a part of the sentence in parentheses.

There's very little pure blood in any nation now.

Miss Kanda can swim well.

Tor rolled up the string and put it in his pocket.

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Marta loves you.

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Spring has come around.

Jesse looked perfectly fine.

They studied the map, trying to find a shortcut.

Could you bring me some water?

Is there another exit?

Nobody brought eating utensils to the party.

Most scientific breakthroughs are nothing else than the discovery of the obvious.

Did you write to your wife when you were in the army?

James is the great-great-grandson of John Jackson.

It might just work.

He was raised by his grandmother.


I'll be upstairs if you need me.

She has a strong dislike of insects.

If you eat three square meals a day, your body will have the energy it needs.

Socorrito realized Heinrich was tired.

Would you mind going over that again?

I'll most likely win.

Mr Kojima had a smoke after breakfast.

We can't stop them.

Aren't you from the consulate?


My grandfather was a justice of the peace.

I am a naive sheep.

My feet get cold.


Many things kept me from getting much sleep last night.

We had not gone very far when it started to rain.

I had a lot of fun in Boston last weekend.

Giovanni broke that.

I wanted to do this.

There's no minimum wage here.

Lord made the comment so offhandedly that at first it seemed unimportant, but then I saw the tension in his face and his body language and it quickly became clear that it really meant the world to him.


I want to make sure Simon is OK.

The tall man laughed obnoxiously.

The guard grabbed her.

This firm ranks second in the oil trade.

He found all his efforts of no avail.

Stu is very rich.

The role of the placenta is to nourish the foetus.

In one letter he remarks, "Life is but a dream".

Roxie is my good friend.


Kyu doesn't even live in Boston anymore.

Klaus took a header down the stairs.

They set aside her objections.

Elsa put on his blinker.

You can easily judge the ripeness of a banana by the color of its peel.


The letter was correctly addressed.

Give me that key.

My mother often suffers from headaches.

One is not a prime number.

Bradley and Morgan made eye contact.

She wants a large house and a big car.

They saw little need for labor unions.


The royal navy of England hath ever been its greatest defense and ornament; it is its ancient and natural strength; the floating bulwark of our island.

Suyog knew where I was.

I cry every day.

I had to shoot my horse because he was in a lot of pain.

Why are you wearing a tie today?


The words above the door of the theater were one meter high.

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I'll try not to doze off.

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She is studying law at the university.

My pants are too short.

This is how I solved the difficult problem.


They're at the eatery looking at the menu.


I'd better say goodbye.

Ginny owns some property in Boston.

The fact is known to everyone in the town.

Call and tell Fletcher we're running late.

We need a clear definition for the concept of human rights.

He didn't brake on time, and ran into a tree.

I tried to erase the memory of her crying.

You must help me save Nelken.

To hide the fact that she's a princess, she disguised herself as a boy and escaped the palace.


The boldo tea is very bitter to me.

He went to work in spite of his illness.

He was killed in the fire.

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Don't get mad at us.

That I cannot imagine.

Whatever you do, don't blink.

I have no reason not to trust Al.

He knows how to play with words.


The children soon fell into a sleep.


Myron told me you'd say that.

The bill is due on the 1st of next month.

Where did you buy flowers?


I agree with this wholeheartedly.

He went to London to study English.

I need you to stay focused.

Leigh used to be shy.

Barbara put the kettle on the stove.

When Darius saw that he would be overcome, he wanted to commit suicide in that battle.

I wouldn't like to do that.


I need to press the button.

Subra got the job.

She has started acting strangely.

Dick plans to go there alone.

I intend to decline his offer to help me.