In the 1980s an opera production of "Hansel and Gretel" caused a furor because the part of the Witch was played by a man; nobody seemed to care that the part of Hansel, a trouser role, was played by a woman.

I'm pessimistic.

I always list what I need before I go shopping.

The cat can't do that.


Was Edward having a problem with anyone?

Excuse me, but do you need any help?

Why do you always do that to me?

The firemen broke down the door with an ax.

Eduardo accidentally deleted all the files on one of his external hard disks.

I hope that it is fine tomorrow.

I was an idiot to believe Ramadoss.

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Good night!

How long did you work for us?

I think maybe I have the wrong number.

Since her husband died, Cristina has suffered a lot.

I'll never ever forget her.

Samir and Case had a beautiful wedding.

Who won the Super Bowl?

You seem an honest man.

When the apostle Paul wrote about destroying God's temple, he had a lot of history running through his mind.


There's no sign of life.

We're all human beings, so in my opinion each country's culture is 90% the same.

Let's open it.

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We think we're very close solving the problem.

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Hwa was well liked by her classmates, teachers and friends.

Hans can't get his car to start.

The couple who came on a shrine visit, said, "We prayed that our child would grow up healthily."

I wouldn't like to do that.

Even pigs can climb a tree when flattered.

This is a very funny story.

I took care of my sick sister.


I want to go wherever you're going.

John alone went there.

Samir didn't know how to reach Victoria.


You've given us what we need.


I want my room painted white.


He acted like he owned the place.


Could you tell me how old are you?


I'll meet her in Boston.

Cynthia wants to see his son.

I am very tired from a long drive.


The future does not belong to the faint-hearted, it belongs to the brave.

Ricardo knows how to play chess.

Vaughn took me to the circus when I was a kid.


Because I am a student of old language.


The discovery of electricity gave birth to an innumerable number of inventions.

It'd be a shame to see all that work go to waste.

Jordan looked to Malus for guidance.

Meeks bought a new camera so he sold his old one.

Do they own a computer?

You've just got to go for it.

It serves our purpose.

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He has a reputation for taking a long time to make a decision.

In tennis and ping-pong backhand the hand is turned backwards in making the stroke.

He confessed that he loved her.

This is the first time I've ever wasted so much time.

The elevator is moving up and down.


Janos was thirsty, so he drank a glass of water.


My back hurts because I've been sitting in front of the computer for too long.


My father will urge you to love your books and quills.


I don't think this old car will make it to the top of the hill.

Todd could tell right away that Ellen was in trouble.

Brian's car was riddled with bullet holes.


There's a hair in the soup.

The season for skiing has gone by.

I can be quite discreet.

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How can I turn down the air conditioner?


She visited him once a year.

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You were his only friend.

I think no one knows.

Neil started mumbling.

She kicked me in the balls.

Do we have grated cheese?

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No train would wait for passengers.

I think I'm in danger.

Wasn't he your boyfriend?

I'm friends with him.

Every pupil is supposed to know the school regulations.

Tanya and Naomi seem perfect together.

Dani is an amazing person.

You can't charge that much.

Bert wouldn't tell Rathnakumar how old he was.

I've lost my religious faith.

Perry immediately went to Daniele's place.

Dan attempted to find out more about Linda's troubled past.

Tony might be able to recommend a good hotel.

And after having killed you, we will kill your father also.

I know who we can get to help us.

You'll have to turn over a new leaf.

Ima was caught speeding.


We'd do anything for you.

I didn't know you were home.

Close all the doors and windows!

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Which one of these glasses did you drink out of?

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It's about one month.

I knew it was serious.

My eyes are burning.

Are you going to work until 10:00?

Do we have a problem here?

We're going to find a cure.

After sowing seeds, it's important to thin out the seedlings if they seem too crowded.

I'll try to be nicer.

That must have hurt!

Claudio said he would do his homework right after dinner.

Did you hear Guy is in town?

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They sent for the doctor.

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We should do something about it.


I think you both know Art.

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Our country is running short of energy resources.


Murray always walks to school if it isn't raining.

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Had I known more about his character, I would not have trusted him.

There are differences.

No one voted for Saify.

The stone is perfectly smooth.

I decided to become a doctor.

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The roof was damaged by the storm.

Mark thought that Carol would like to go to Boston to see John.

I doubt this is anything you'd be interested in.


The son I have in Aksu is very brave!


I know this place is haunted.

Cleopatra became the queen of Egypt in the year 51 B.C.

I don't think Lance has ever studied French.

My sunburn hurts.

I love roller coasters.

He took Connie for my sister.

It was when he was a child that he came to Japan.

How are you not sleeping?

In the 22nd century, many technological innovations will be introduced.

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I go to church every day.

Lorraine is very obnoxious.

I wish to see you alone.

Get in the back seat.

Ha ha, I just dreamt that I won five million RMB.

I hope he'll get better soon.

They continued eating as if nothing had happened.

Let him have his say.

Fill up this pail with water.


Am I talking to myself?


I help my mother with the housework every day.


Come to help me.

I hear you are good at cooking.

Rajendra'll recover.

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Who broke this window?


Siping is really acting strange.


The store raised all the prices.

Does that make you angry?

You're acting very strangely.

This was easier than I thought.

How is Pat different?


That's why I care.

How did you solve the problem?

I suggest we go out for a drink.


Stefan has agreed to attend.

It is like a criminal to die by sentence of court, but like a general to die fighting with the enemy.

Mix the flour with two eggs.