Have you seen my wife? Have you seen Brent?

He was the first man to climb Mt. Fuji in winter.

We have to trust them.

Taro is very likely to pass the university entrance examination.

I see no need to tell Randall.

Permission to use the car was accorded to her.

Knute doesn't know me at all.

I ran across an ex-boyfriend of mine in town the other day.

I'm wondering when to buy a computer.

I don't know who to consult with.

I took the opportunity to visit the museum.

Plastic is old enough to drive.


Jeffery is much better at French than Kim is.

Can you guess where I am right now?

Piete spends lots of money on clothes.


I've never seen such a thing in my life, not once!

The children sense what's going on between the parents.

The river has risen.

She likes girls.

I don't understand what Elaine is doing here.

Jeanne was really glad to hear that Mat was going to help him move.

Max outwitted Micheal.


Would you trust them?

I couldn't figure it out.

Jong knew who the killer was.


There was a sense of fear.

Are you saying that our plan was accepted? I hope you're not showing me any premature happiness here.

They're doing great.

I just wanted to have a little fun.

Dan was brought up by an aunt.

Tommy would be perfect for this job.

Socorrito isn't fine.

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Nadiya Savchenko is a real living legend.

My parents will jump all over me.

I'll get you a nice girl.

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What I do not know, I also do not think I know.

Daryl has to lose weight.

Is that going to be awkward?

You almost gave me a heart attack.

The paintings are worth a lot.

Give me a beer.

I'm afraid we're stuck here.


No matter what you do, don't play poker with Saqib.

I love walking along the river.

Help finally arrived.

I've never asked you for anything.

I should have taken the blue pill.

It shocked me.

Both methods worked well.

Edmond got hit by a truck.

Tell me something about yourself.

Each human being is an individual.

They all knew.

Iran and Russia will establish a joint bank.

And the yellow one?

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It's go time.


No, I'm tired.

I don't see that as a problem.

Perry explained that very well.

Norman is seldom late for appointments.

Hotta's acknowledgement that he stole the ring cleared the maid of suspicion.


Tonight was also a windless night.

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He is qualified as a solicitor.

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Sundar asked Trying if she knew John's new telephone number.

I have nothing to complain of the conclusion.

The boss is thinking about firing Dimitry.

She was elected to the Senate in 2008.

I like to adorn my room with flowers.


Tareq and Johan's relationship became strained.


Be very careful with that blue box.

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Everything is black and white in my bedroom.

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Tomorrow morning we're leaving Japan.

The football game is now being broadcast.

I'll bring along a grammar book next time.


Ahmed smoked a cigarette out of boredom.

I had something else on my mind.

I'm glad you feel that way.

I just wanted to tell you I ran into Stephanie this morning.

To find a job is difficult.

I'm going to take a bath.

You aren't funny.


Olof started the engine and put it in gear.


I decided to major in French in college.

I haven't bought a pair of shoes for six months; I deserve a new pair so I think I'll go buy them!

Am I imagining things?

It was dark and cold in the room.

Actually, we had prepared ourselves for defeat.

Elvis decided it wasn't his job to tell Vance about what John had done.

Come on, Sassan. You don't believe that Hiroyuki did that on purpose, do you?


We'll need your support.

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I have finished my assignment.

What a bizarre tale!

Morton had to get up early this morning.


What's your favourite TV programme?

Don't go there alone.

I'm not the one who crashed the car.


A samurai, even when he has not eaten, uses a toothpick like a lord.


Deborah treats me like a child.

Am I that predictable?

She protected the weak.

You were thinking the same thing, weren't you?

I hate the rain.

Can you tell one of the twins from the other?

If you frequently spit-up blood you should call an ambulance or have a nearby physician make a house call.

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Dan made a grizzly discovery.

You didn't see what I saw.

Do you see a mountain of gold?

We're here to help Vidhyanath.

Their problems are sometimes so weird.

There was water all over the kitchen floor.

Since they had no children of their own, they decided to adopt a girl.

I have something else to give you.

Is flight 23 on time?

Regardless of how much he drank, he seems as sober as ever.

We need to go out with each other more often.

I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.

We stopped talking so that we could hear the music.

Come this way. It's shorter.

He'll do whatever you ask him to.


How can you build a ship in a bottle?

When he left the place, it was in an utter mess.

Who disagrees with us?

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He had a cold, but he went to work.

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Give! Giiive!!!


I love you, Mama.

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Don't let Murph call Alejandro.

There's something here Vadim should see.

I'm feeling the breath of life.

You built it, didn't you?

Work shall set you free.

That boy looks like you.

One of the professors whispered.


I usually prefer to pay with credit card and not with cash.

Victoria was startled by a knock on the door.

We must make up our minds, and soon!

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Does anyone disagree?

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I had my suitcase carried up to my room.

I got sucked in on a lot of phony deals.

Walt turned on the windshield wipers.

I wonder who made all this.

Let me show you the way to the elevator.

All right, let's get back to work.

I've come to say goodbye, Karl.

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I considered calling the police.

When one is sick, visitors can be rather annoying.

His behavior won general applause.

Every time I go to Paris, I visit the Sacred Heart Basilica, sit on the steps, and listen to the people below singing and playing musical instruments.

What tripped the alarm?

I was afraid I'd never see you again.

We still need more help.

Everything eventually gets easier with practice.

I feel like a slave.

Michael isn't as old as he looks.

That's something I wish I could do.

A commercial airplane allegedly violated military airspace.

She worked long hours as a nursing assistant.

This book is both interesting and instructive.

I don't wash your car.

Can I open the windows?

Adrian helped me fix my watch.

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They laughed at Huashi.


His remarks added up to a condemnation of my plan.

I have to work.

I would like to have my teeth straightened.