She takes sewing classes.

He suffered internal injuries in the car accident.

I thought Gale had a shot.

I need to know why you weren't here yesterday.

I need to know who helped them.

I know how hard this must be.

A burning meteoroid produces a meteor.

We usually met at a certain place in the city.

Our car met theirs near the station.

It's not a mistake.

If I were rich, I would go travelling everywhere.

Hurf won't get away.

She tuned her guitar.

We need them.

What's that letter about?

You live in Boston now, don't you?

Teenagers are often embarrassed to be seen in public with their parents.

It'll be safer.

How's everything these days, Frank?

For one thing, I am busy; for another, I have no money.

What will you give me in return?

She received the United Nations Gold Medal of Peace.

I'll show you around town.

For the most part, I enjoy watching all sports on TV.

He is very much ashamed of having behaved so badly.

I'll keep your advice in mind.


You'll be safe there.

They studied it a little bit, but they couldn't spend all day finding out what to do, so they finally picked up the other one, and the water went out again, all over the floor.

I didn't think Indra would help us.

He knows how to whistle.

I love fairy tales.

You're not responsible for what Ofer did.

Those kinds of methods are out of date.


Great speed is a feature of the Concorde.


Why didn't you tell us?

Let's stay until the end of the game.

Stop being so fucking retarded!

I got it through my head that my parent's strict rules were for my own benefit.

Two and three halves to London, please.


Everyone has natural talents.

Surya speaks very fast.

I was at a loss what to do.

Where do you want me to put your suitcase?

Why don't you tell me what to do?

I won't keep anyone here longer than I have to.

This is really terrible.


I am not older than he is.

He was exhausted.

Three soldiers were wounded.


I don't spread them on bread.


I should've never let Willie go swimming by himself.


They were abandoned by their mother.

A pedestrian needs to cross the street at a crosswalk.

He has not less than ten dictionaries.

The news that her husband had been killed in an accident was a great shock to her.

I'm no longer hungry.


This is a picture of the first house we lived in.


You'll probably never see me again.

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Is it true that Rahul was caught stealing from little kids?


Why is Bernie special?


I still get paid, right?

Don't call her that.

He's always involved in scams.

You gave me 30 days to finish this.

I'm taking Rebecca to the hospital.

All you need to do is remember these three very simple steps.

He went from Tokyo to Osaka by plane.

"Today, the milkman was buried. There were a lot of people, cause everybody in the village knew him." "Oh, is there a milkman in Linschoten?" "Well, no, not anymore!"

This was how matters stood at the turn of the century.

Is that his umbrella?

She calculated that she had earned 1,500 dollars.

He sent a card to Shaw.

They robbed my orchard.

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The summer vacation has come to an end, and we will have to go back to school.

He has an eye for antiques.

I wonder who to invite.


Belinda is probably just a little younger than Susumu.

Could you call us at 7 to wake us?

I already have my things.

I don't know what to buy.

I do not come as an enemy, but as a friend.

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This is really nice!

What are you doing here so late?

I took out a loan in order to buy a car.

There came a complete silence. You could hear a pin drop.

You shouldn't have gone to visit Elijah alone.

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The girls are playing beach volleyball.

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We don't want any trouble.


I'm so happy to finally be back home.

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The country is heading in the right direction.


Our confidence in him is gone.

I'm not sure yet.

Andrea staggered off.

A lucid dream is any dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming.

Do you want this window opened?

The townspeople looked curiously at me.

I am willing to agree to your request.

I don't think Rik wants to see Andries.

Hume is a terrible salesman.

That is a useful piece of information.

Can you pay me in advance?

The band of Indians were ready to go on the warpath at the slightest provocation.

Maybe I can fix it with this piece of wire.

The dentist took her broken tooth out.

You'd better wear a sweater under your jacket.

You had me worried for a minute there.

Petr promised me that he'd come.

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Have you finished the job?

As I am not good at math, I hope my parents will allow me to have a private tutor.

She gave him all the money that she had then.

Can the baby walk?

That's why I care.


What do you keep winking at me for?

I think it's a possibility.

Can you spare a minute?

It's windy today.

His honesty is beyond doubt.

I used to have crush on you.

Beckie didn't believe Nhan.

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We must always follow the rules.


Saqib is clever and ambitious.

We had an appointment.

I'll never forget the day when we first met.

Your word puts me in fear of death.

Elisabeth wanted Rob to teach him how to swim.

How're you holding up?

He was elected mayor again.

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Would you like to see some photos of my trip?

I'm really disappointed in you.

Knapper was walking slowly with his head down.

Sarah graduated at the top of her class.

The outside of the castle was painted white.

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Look what happened to me.

Happening in wartime, this would amount to disaster.

Today I'm pissed.

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Who made this pie?

Show me your passport, please.

Sundaresan has decided not to move to Boston.

Did you inquire as to whether you should leave?

Go, give me.


"Do you like cake?" "Yes, I do."

I've seen pictures of it.

Isabelle got out of the car and ran into the hospital.

Read it to me.

We just want to sell you things.

I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.

I could sure use a drink.


My second child doesn't like school as much as the first one.

Linley convinced the teacher to let him hand in his homework late.

They marched to Santiago with their flag aloft.

We need to help Leila.

Rodger shifted his hat.

Let's take advantage of the vacation to mow the lawn.

I tore up all the letters that you wrote to me.

Thanks for the compliment.

The no longer lives with his parents.

Judging from what she says, he is satisfied to a great extent.

Are you saying I'm wrong?

Is that because you are in Cannington right now?

The semicolon is the most feared punctuation on earth.


Some burglars broke into my house last night.


I remember my parents telling me about that.

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Would you mind leaving me alone for a minute?

It is of the utmost importance.

He requested that I come here again this afternoon.

She has a nice figure.

I was trying to do the right thing.