This is my book.

They were playing footsie under the table.

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If I ignore it, it will go away.

Who is she speaking to?

I can't believe her.


So that the tradesmen could lay the new floor covering, Clem and Nguyen had to move all the furniture.

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Mohammad formed a band with a couple of friends.

"We need to teach him a lesson." "And how are we going to do that?" "I have an idea."

Sugih told me you and Randal were dating.

This new Macintosh computer puts the competition to shame.

The firemen protect us from fires.


What makes you cry like that?

Johan is a hopeless romantic.

This is justified.

Don't just show up at my house.

Many websites are supported by revenue from advertising.

People who are made much of by the public are not always those who most deserve it.

Mick is good at mathematics.

Why don't you ask Sharan that?

It's harder than you think.

Let them take care of it.

Do you want some cheese?

I'm going to wait here for him.

Are you actually threatening me?

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Corporal punishment is now prohibited in schools.

If there's anything we can do, just call.

I paid thirty dollars for these shoes.

I need hand lotion.

You've got one minute left.

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That looks like the work of a virus.


We got to be friends.

Roxane has an unlisted phone number.

We abhor violence.

I'm thinking of going to Boston next week.

Josip was the only one who even attempted to do something about the problem.


She doesn't believe in God.

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How are you doing there?

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I thought Malcolm would get here ahead of us.


Don't antagonize Micah.

I know you'd have done the same for me.

He is unable to provide for his family.

I thought I was happy.

Matthew is just an ordinary guy.

We took it for granted that he would join us.

He had a white cat.

Hitoshi awoke from a deep sleep.

Haven't I told you this before?

Cory didn't treat Larry right.

I believe you've met Nora.


Well, I suppose you're right, Doug.


The government made no move to solve the housing problem.

How long's Vicki been sick?

I submitted my report to him.

The prices remain as they were.

The country house was complete, with a swimming pool, a barbecue, a soccer field and a pool table.


Stefan is having problems at school.


I cry every time I watch this movie.

It's been a long time since I've seen Denis this happy.

Lindsey kicked the ball really hard.

Here's a big map of Germany.

I'm going to go and see a film. Wanna come?

We'll have to do our best.

You may want to slow down a bit.

Every house on our street was blue except ours.

A prolonged silence followed.


Betty took the hammer from Fritz.

I'm sorry to interrupt you.

Kristi gave us everything he had.


Speak of angels, and you will hear their wings.

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That's a very interesting one.

I know where to look for him.

She could hardly keep from laughing when she saw the dress.

Maybe we should wait till everyone gets here before we start.

We have already learned English.

Air is lighter than water.

She told the story as candidly as possible.

We can handle things.

Stop being a fan of Miley Cyrus!

Amy has gone abroad.

He contradicts himself constantly.

Do you know if he's coming to the party?

Let's get the party rolling.

He writes to me once a week.

This is my driver.


We'll just have to wait till then.


She is large, not to say fat.

We had no choice. We had to do what they told us to do.

That's the reason I don't like Reid.


All the furniture in the room was all worn out.

Joe was not on speaking terms with his noisy neighbor.

The meat smells terrible.


His salary rose 10%.

I don't want to watch TV.

Hey, look what I found.

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We're housesitting.

All of the children had gone to bed before it got dark.

It was going to be a surprise.

I wish I'd been at the meeting last Monday.

Roxana must've paid a fortune for his house.


The women gave us a lot to eat.

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I was gonna do a cartwheel, but I didn't want to steal the limelight.

I don't believe it myself.

I don't like his affected manner of speaking.

He has been texting me.

We all denounce cheating on tests.

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I'm sorry, Jorge! I didn't see you!

Mahesh told me that he would like to go to the zoo with us tomorrow.

Just find them.

What did you talk about?

I kind of lost my focus.

Afterwards I realised that Charles was not the most important at that time.

We played cards last night.

He is a good loser.

Vice shouldn't have any trouble finding a place to live.

That ended better than I expected.

Is everything cool?

I told Toby what he had to do.

This is something different.

The gait of my friend was unsteady, and the bells upon his cap jingled as he strode.

I thought you didn't drink.

Don't be slopping about with him, you'd better give him a thick ear.

Who put the hit out on Julius?


You couldn't get two people more different than Nicholas and Sundar.


I gave it a shot.

She got kicked upstairs to an executive position.

What is the date of your birthday?

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This tree is over 1,500 years old.


We got there early.

The next morning found him on a spaceship.

Vladimir means it.

That was our goal.

I can't live without a woman.

I don't want Blake to take over.

I want to eat kimbap.


Secrecy is of the essence in this matter.


He confessed his love for her.

Would you please tell me the way?

You knew this would happen!

I think this book is beyond his reach.

Giles wasn't wearing a wedding ring, but Sandy noticed a white circle on his ring finger.


Please present any requests in writing.

Go wake Jinny up.

He shaved his head.

Let's keep thinking about the best way to get this done.

Wake up and pay more attention!

Free snacks will be provided.

Wow, you're really obsessed with Theo.

I did smoke when I was young.

That's kind of you to say.

We awoke to the sound of birds chirping in the trees outside our room.

The emphasis of his talk was on the need to work hard.


It is too much for me. I need to slow down.

I don't know when he'll come again.

That doesn't work for me.

This custom is peculiar to Japan.

If I were you, I wouldn't do this.


O Romeo Romeo, why are you Romeo?


Mr Long and Mr Smith spoke to each other.

Everything is ready.

Has he gotten married before?

She was so sad that she did not want to speak to anyone.

Jochen isn't easily amused.

Leftover chicken can be stored in the fridge in a sealed container for three to four days.

It's a lot of fun.