Fight Against Ransomware with Human Learning
Teach Your Employees While Mock Phishing Them

Why you should pay closer attention to phishing threat?

Cyber attacks start with a phishing email - Phishme
All phishing emails contain encryption malware – CSO from IDG
Financial institutes remain the biggest target of all phishers – Kaspersky Lab
Email is the weapon of choice to launch cyber attacks – Symantec

The tremendous values phishla gives you

Change user behavior positively

Justify spending on cyber security awareness & training

Employees more resilient & vigilant against cyber attacks

In-the-Moment Learning – learn while under simulated attack

Simple application. Effective training content. All in one place.

Some screenshots of what you will get and achieve with phishla

Empower Your Employees to be Your First Line of Defense

from US$ 0.39 / employee / month

With phishla you have access to

User Management

User Management

Manage all your users in multiple groups / departments for easy assessment, tracking & reporting

Campaign Management

Campaign Management

Easily create multiple campaigns for different target groups

Email Templates

Email Templates

Choose from tens of phishing email templates mimicking the latest attacks

Dashboard & Reporting

Dashboard & Reporting

Easily view all your campaigns & assessments in one place with various graphs & metrics

Performance Tracking

Performance Tracking

Phishla allows you to compare assessments and campaigns to track improvements & differences for better decision making

 “In-the-moment” Learning

“In-the-moment” Learning

There is no better way to teach an employee other than the moment a security mistake is made. Phishla trains the employee immediately after a security mistake is made



Phishla is a SaaS based solution for easy access from anywhere in the world



Your data is stored in a ISO 27001 and PCI DSS certified data center

Our spectacular awareness content

Some screenshots of our awareness infographics and posters

Words from Awesome Clients

Lim Chin Wan

Deputy Managing Director, Vattanac Bank Cambodia

Phishla has become an integral part of our bank’s cyber security awareness program. We use it monthly to assess and train our workforce. The reports generated make it easy for our board to make informed decisions.

Ben Wong

Security Manager, Sabah Energy Corp

Our organization handle a lot of sensitive information pertaining to oil & gas and SCADA. It is imperative for us to ensure that all employees are highly aware of security threats and we use phishla to achieve that.

Daniel Ng

Chief Information Officer, Sabah State Government

We have about 20,000 civil servants in the state and with the growing threats of cyber attacks and ransomware it is almost impossible for us to assess and train the entire workforce effectively. Fortunately, we have phishla which makes it possible for us to do so.

Gunalan Gingan

CEO, Pioneer Engineering Sdn Bhd

In the past year, we experienced several cyber attacks that prevented us from doing our job efficiently and incurred plenty of man-hour and productivity losses. The main reason to that was lack of awareness and bad security behaviours by my employees. We started using phishla in Q2 2017 and we can see immediate improvements in terms cyber attack related cases reported to our IT support team.

Train Your Employees & Build a Fortress to Defend Against Ransomware

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