He who has skill and art, becomes famed in the world.

Unfortunately, that rumor is true.

Karl speaks French better than his classmates.

She was nervous before the entrance exam.

Mr Smith is drinking coffee.

She likes running.

It struck like a bombshell!

She always pays attention to her children's behavior.


I really think you need to talk to Doug.

So, how did you like it?

I'm in training.

People are concerned about racial problems.

Tell us your phobias and we will tell you what you are afraid of.

I gave him what books I had.

People make mistakes.


Sedovic's dog follows her everywhere.

Can you arrange for a night tour bus?

Strange to say, the figure went out of sight suddenly.

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I have to say I admire your spirit.

I'm in a bad mood.

You've taken the trash cans out.

We suggested to her that we should go on a picnic the following Sunday.

The policeman protected the witness.


Every night, we all gaze up at the magnificent starry sky above us thinking about the vastness and the expanse of space... it really is quite a bit to take in.


I'd like to have the sauce on the side, please.

You never believed me.

My mother always buys at the drugstore.

My whole life long, I fought against superstition.

My mother lives by herself.

He knows everything about Germany.

Everyone looked at us.

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We have to put up with a lot of noise when the children are at home.


He knows who they are.

Elijah didn't really mean that as a compliment.

Where do you want to live?


I have enclosed your order form.

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Isn't that what they want?

Sharon looks even more nervous than Takao does.

I didn't know about Rabin.


Do you folks need anything?

Neil talked me into it.

Stay away from my girlfriend.

She's wearing sunglasses.

I've done that already.

We stand against free trade.

I know where we can get something to eat.

Somebody might've followed her.

Ernest massaged my shoulders.

Ping probably will be here by 2:30.

Was I supposed to do that?

Is this a compilation?

I will never hurt you.

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Can you please stop that noise?

Animals act on instinct.

He had respiratory problems.

Someone tried to poison him.

I met her again.

The doctors say the dying man should have kicked the bucket hours ago, were he an ordinary man, but he is still defying death.

I tried to keep track of his declaration.

I'm supposed to make sure Suzan doesn't forget to buy the tickets.

Be kind in all you say and do.

Ask Francis about it.

Stacey is Knut's older sister.

I never thought Milner would do something like that.

The boy could not so much as write his own name.

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That child is always fretting.

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Pythagorean thought was dominated by mathematics, but it was also profoundly mystical.


Tell her that I am listening to music.


Tell Pria I want to talk to him.

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Valentina Tereshkova piloted Vostok 6 and became the first woman in space.

There was once a king who had three daughters. The two eldest were very proud and quarrelsome, but the youngest was as good as they were bad.

I wish her a good night.

For how long have you been working here?

As much as I'd like to tell you, I can't.

There wasn't anybody in the house.

Cows give their calves milk every morning.

Let us live, my Lesbia, and let us love!

This door won't lock.


Jaime isn't making much sense.


I should never have thought, dear boy of mine, that you were so dainty and fussy about your food. Bad, very bad! In this world, even as children, we must accustom ourselves to eat of everything, for we never know what life may hold in store for us!

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Why are these photos so important?

Were you looking for him?

The Vatican is an independent country.


How many phones does she own?


The event starts at 11pm.


Hitoshi shouldn't do that.

We don't really know anything about death.

When did you arrive in Australia?

He can speak both English and French very well.

Vaughn is finished.


How did you know all that?


Are you going to the show?

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Would you like me to proofread this?

My parents don't know.

I turned on the TV and the Grand Prix was being broadcasted.

I think I'd better show my face.

Why not let her try?

Raif wasn't the one who told me to do this.

I'd like to eat an open-face sandwich.

Robert says it hurts.

The cause of Sedovic's illness was overeating.

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I won't give them to you.


My doctor told me to lay off the liquor so I have this uneasy impatient feeling.

I cut my right hand on a piece of glass.

Nothing can take the place of an old friend.

My pumpkin was the best.

Be so true to thy self, as thou be not false to others.

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There are books about art on the table.

I really like this book but I guess it is worlds apart from what the real situation is.

My aunt has three children.

My native language is Japanese.

Any amount of money will do.


Christopher drove to the post office.

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It is better to be Socrates dissatisfied than a pig satisfied.


Her dress was a cheap one.


That is disgusting!


My otherwise perfect life is about to change for the worse.

She's washing dishes.

Nobody is perfect.

How was I dressed then? Do you remember?

We can't prove it.

Loren has some very encouraging news to report.

I attempted to leave but was stopped.

Our plan was unsuccessful.

Can I have some more milk?

They didn't mean any harm.

Why would anybody kiss me?

What's the boarding time?

This is your key.


The girl wearing the blue coat is my daughter.

Where are the most beautiful sentences?

In this room there are over 50 tables.

I got this bicycle for nothing.

I can't remember the tune of that song.


Sad to see you go.

I don't want to stay here.

Rolfe gave me a ride to school.

Dirk joined us.

I'm circling around God, around the ancient tower, and I've been circling thousands years; and I still don't know: am I a falcon, a storm or a great song.


Hawking went back to his studies.


Beth's pride won't let him admit he's wrong.

Ole would like to get something to eat.

He refuses to accept his old age.

Do you understand what I want to say?

Yours is worse.

It was getting dark.

They danced merrily together on the grass.

Do you want to try?

When did you ask Elvis?

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She went back to the hotel.

Those houses are 500 years old.

Everyone is waiting for Jayesh.


Do you have any water?

I just came back from replacing the TV; it was acting really finicky.

Have you found Pierce?

Leads told me you had a blind date.

Can you see how it works?

We had better not stay up too late tonight.

Price elbowed me in the ribs.

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Thuan was a lot like John.