This must be done quite otherwise.

I have to get Kari out of here.

I had to decline his offer.

I like coffee hot.

Patricio is Edmund's current boyfriend.

We went to see our neighbours.

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Fay looks almost exactly like his brother.

Could I use the phone?

Don't make him angry.

I think we agree, the past is over.

The potatoes stayed hot.

Ricky was careful not to say anything that would make Derek mad.

This isn't what we planned.

"She likes music, doesn't she?" "So she does."

The second showing will start soon.

The adventures I read about are absent from my life.

She was mad about the prank, but I got her good.

I oiled my bicycle.

My brother gave me a cute baby doll.


Not knowing what to say, I remained silent.

Why not let him help you?

I don't care for wealth and fame.

Why doesn't he kiss me anymore?

Only the person who becomes an adult while staying a child is a human being.

"Honey, come to bed." "No, not yet. I still have to translate some sentences on Tatoeba."

Do you think you can help me?


I work at a language school.

I can't believe this is really happening to me.

Indra liked his job.

I know her quite well.

I figured you might want this.

The weather is changeable.

His own way of doing things is not popular with us.

I must find a way to help them.

She has been sick since last week.

It all happened so fast and then it was over.

It is ten years since my grandfather died.

Doug can come and pick it up today.

That sounds like a good plan.

The Germans began the battle.

What do you think of it?

He advocated abolishing the death penalty.

I'm bored and don't know what to do.

I'm old enough to not have a curfew.

The general gave the order to retreat.


I'm probably spending more now.

Swamy seems calm.

Virtue consists, not in abstaining from vice, but in not desiring it.

Wow, you look really beautiful.

Marie is on the roof.

It was not the same situation as now at all.

My dream is to speak Chinese fluently.


Tarmi looked at the snowflakes falling from the sky.


The butcher is weighing the meat.


I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.


We get paid better than a lot of people do.


His wife now had to take care of his grandfather, not to mention their two children.


A formula is very convenient, because you need not think about it.

Honesty is policy.

France has a common border with Italy.

She thought the plan was fine but impractical.

He laughed until tears filled his eyes.

To make use of the nursing service provided by nurse-care insurance the necessity of nursing has to be recognized (nurse-care requirement authorization).

Kyu is probably just a year or two younger than Cathy.

That's a very depressing thought.

My dream is to cross the Silk Road on a camel.

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We'd both really appreciate it.

Did Kieran say anything that might help us?

The ancient manuscript was damaged in a fire.

Everybody has worked so hard.

Not all the students attended the meeting.

I can't explain those disappearances, but it wasn't me.

Why have I never been told it?


The bigger a city grows, the dirtier the air and water become.

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Mara wants to know your name.

Bobbie has agreed to plead guilty.

It looks like Ramon isn't interested in baseball.

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I think he can't do that.

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"Ken's cooking breakfast." "Should we call the fire department?"

You should go about your business.

John is the taller of the two, and the tallest of them all.

We won't go for a walk if the weather's bad.

She went to the bus stop, and the bus took off.

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Sabrina needed to store his stuff somewhere, so I told him he could put it in our garage.

Who cut your hair?

This is just another day.

Piet seemed to be trying to convince Kristi to do something.

I'm not going to do anything about that, at least not tonight.

I'm not like him!

Moore is suffering from a toothache.

I told him what to see in Kyoto.

I got lost three times.

You take my house when you do take the prop, that doth sustain my house; you take my life, when you do take the means whereby I live.

They've stopped firing.

He grew up in a military family.

I'll take him to dinner.

Aside from a brief flirtation with belly dancing, Irving decided she would rather kick-box.

I've always distrusted Kirk.

What did you want me to do?

Don't let him run.


Watch out for thieves around here.

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Derek was merry.


The new computer is ten times as fast as the old one.

It's nothing but a glorified paperweight now.

She has no clue who she's with

Did you move there by yourself?

Has Randolph promised to be there?


We're not good enough.

That's how it happened.

Have you taken shots of this place already?

We had a party in the open.

Dan had many friends and no girlfriend.

I'm not in love with him.

Jesper said it was all perfectly normal, but it isn't.

Christina attacked Suzanne.

Irving tried to have Rees killed.


Mr Yamada, there's a call for you.

I informed him of the result.

I enjoy cooking, but I don't like the cleaning up afterwards.

Do it now.

Go on ahead and tell the others we're coming.

All students looked up to their homeroom teacher.

We've got to start somewhere.

The bandits put a gag in his mouth.

All that read this are foolish.


She talked about her school life.

Why don't you take a break?

I had an operation for glaucoma last year.

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They are all of an age.

Does Jennifer have a good command of French?

We may as well stay where we are.

They started at the same time.

Such plant can be found in Brazil only.

Russian adjectives agree in gender, number, and case with the nouns or pronouns to which they refer.

The lamp was swinging back and forth.

I don't think it's fair to single out Edgar.

He had to master a lot of new information and spend some of his own time in different parts of the country.

The twins look so much alike it's next to impossible to distinguish one from the other.

What do you think is in that box?

Charley's unexpected death devastated his work colleagues.

Jinny accused Elliott of having lied to him.

Don't turn off the light.

Who does Tor hang out with?

Ben wrote to his father asking for money.

I stayed up till very late last night.

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Is it here?

We did our best to help them.

I enjoy the wisdom of Socrates, which was the basis for Plato.


Clarence doesn't have a TV at home.

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I'd like three pounds of chicken.

Do you really want to risk it?

Terri intends to go no matter what.


I'm going to my car to get my things.


He is raising tropical fishes.

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There used to be a statue of a lion at the gate.


We have not had much snow.

He received no compensation for his service.

We are to have a garden party tomorrow.

My husband is from Angola. He is Angolan.

Ssi must've found out that I was here.

Now is the winter of our discontent.

I'd like to see them.


Nichael is the type of person who always smiles.

Ninja also enjoyed traveling.

They accused him of being dishonest.

Somebody was talking to Rick.

Interlingua is a modern tool for international communication.


Might makes right.