I must help my mother.

You should've come to the party.

The bottle broke on me.

Calm down! Don't get nervous!

How are payment methods different?

We can't let you in.

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I am painting the garage.

Does it take too long to blow dry?

You can't be too careful of traffic when you cross the road.

Shel has a big day tomorrow.

Your battery is low.

Dan couldn't defend himself.

I think it certain that she will succeed as a singer.

Whatever the problem is, we can work it out.

I was in a bit of a hurry.

There is no shortage of ideas.

Venice now has fewer than 60,000 residents.


Have you ever breathed pure air?

We'll take care of him.

Who gave you your nickname?

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Gregor is going to be staying for a while.

Happy birthday, Mom.

Can I leave him a message?


I think a bit of anger is better for you than worry.

Why won't you let me see them?

Have you ever seen one?

I concede the point, but not the argument.

Cathy was sent to jail for murder.


I'm guilty.

It was a pleasure to spend the evening with a smart, funny and beautiful girl like you.

Sanand is dependent on his wife.


We're past that.

My hands and feet were as cold as ice.

It's lunch time.

Let him rest in peace, but above all let us live with a good memory!

How many taxis are there in New York City?

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"Where is my sandwich?" "It's in the kitchen."


I'll need some help.


Both parties opposed war.

Ray came up with a plan.

Have you ever worked with her?


Claire is forgetful.


We needed a break.

I hope you enjoy the show.

It's kind of cool.


Get over here.


The main reason to vote out IMHO is not immigration or the economy, although these are important, but the dangerous lack of democracy in the EU set-up. It's designed to give the illusion of being democratic, with elections and an elected parliament, but in actual fact it's not really democratic at all.

They wrote it on Twitter.

I don't know why Pamela doesn't want to go sailing with us next week.

I came from Iran.

Were you telling the truth?

I think you know what you should do.

Ritalynne looked a little annoyed.


My uncle called on a woman.

She called up her mother on the phone.

Dalton looks like he's enjoying himself.

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Stay where you are, please.

Sumitro often acts like a baby when he can't get his way.

I don't want her to hate me.


Do you want something cold to drink?

My mother has a driver's license, but she doesn't drive a car.

Maybe you licked it?


The biggest problem of the hour is unemployment.

Emily is a high school student.

Tell you what, Dave, you take it.


He will doubtless be late.


Let Malloy get some rest.

If you look over there, you can see a defunct water tower.

Matti had never been away from home before.

But that he was idle, he would have succeeded.

Keith is often late for class.

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It will not to do blame him for the accident.

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What gave Masanobu that idea?

You'll never be as good as Shakil.

I won't support that.

In the United States the word 'rebate' is widely recognized, generally as an incentive where makers give back directly to consumers.

You should arrive at school before eight.

Have you ever dug a hole as deep as this one?

She finished the marathon.


You endeavored to do your duty.

Could you water my garden for me while I'm away?

I don't say nasty things about their children.


Colonization of other planets is one of our top priorities.

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I told Jun where he should put his suitcases.

Honestly, there's nothing to worry about.

I made this doghouse by myself.


It wouldn't last.

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There's nothing we can do about Seymour.


Vince went into the house.

What is your native language?

Brandon didn't clap after Manavendra's performance.

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Alejandro remembered something.

Honesty doesn't always pay.

He called me a coward.

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Maybe someone else can help us.

Blair isn't used to his new job.

Raanan is sound asleep in bed.

Not only did he teach school, but he wrote novels.

Yumi speaks English very well.


Rik seems a little hesitant.

Gill is an engineer now.

That way of talking is typical of him.


My sister is a twenty-one years old college student.

They won't see me without an appointment.

Everyone applauded as Shankar walked out onto the stage.

Tell them about it.

I haven't seen him in three months.

It's getting hard for them to make both ends meet.

I heard from my sister. The letter says she is well now.

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Seasons are reversed in the southern hemisphere.

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I don't want you to go to jail.

It's natural that no one likes him. He's really mean.

You give us ideas.

Renu was embarrassed.

It is believed that ghosts exist in this forest.

Which one is she?

As the river become broader, the current moved slowly.


He is still alive.

Brendan gained weight over the winter.

He seemed surprised when I told him.


Christophe is a native of Boston.

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His son cannot so much as write his own name.

What could you possibly want with that?

Why do I have to work with her?

Bring her here immediately.

What's the best way to get in touch with you?

I'm not sure I believe you.

We cannot meet your demands.

Raghu had never seen anything like it before.

I can't tell you about it yet.

Tobias orchestrated this whole thing.

If any blame or fault attaches to the attempt, it is mine alone.

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This orange is too sour.

Ji didn't even have the courtesy to say that he was sorry.

Tell me what's going on.

You're kidding!

Page is fair game.

She's far behind in her studies.

How can I make the deadline for this document?

Michael broke the dishes.

Did I miss anything?

The origin of this clock completely eludes me.

All you have to do is believe me.

Is she satisfied?

Stop acting like you understand me.

Throat and nose membranes hurt by dry air allow cold viruses to enter more easily. It is important to carry out sensible counter plans against the cold with heaters and against the dryness with humidifiers.

The books were tied up in a bundle.

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Can I call you back within twenty minutes?


Piet sometimes goes to Boston on business.


The air raid was demoralizing for the enemy.

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His suggestions are always very much to the point.


Many disabled people of all stripes are further disadvantaged by a culture that fails to understand, let alone meet, their needs.

You don't even know what it is.

I told him to clear out of the room.

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I am Aunt Wang.

A button has come off my coat.

I think we're missing something.