I knew I'd find you with him.

The police are investigating the cause of the crash around the clock.

He is suffering from kidney failure.

I'm so sorry about this.

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Nou is the least sensitive person Jared knows. Every time she talks with him, he hurts her feelings, unintentionally, and without noticing.

We hoped that she would win.

She was beautiful in her time.

Why are you looking at me like that?

He is a student at a high school.


Rick forced himself to stay focused.

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Mac was the first woman to hold a statewide office in any state in the country.

Can I tell Tor what the answer is?

His car is a new model.

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Edwin doesn't only teach the guitar, he often gives concerts.


The chance was fully taken advantage of.


We had lunch early.

His broad interests bring him broad views on everything.

That's no way to treat a lady.

I often brake before I change down.

It was a difficult game.

I definitely heard a scream.

We need to be there for them.

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I have included the names and prices of a couple of hotels which are reasonably close to where I live.

Jenine thought that Earle wouldn't want him at her wedding.

Even the wealth of the wide sea will be diminished, if the cloud that has drawn (its waters) up gives them not back again (in rain)

We have put the Christmas presents under the tree.

The boy was good at mathematics so everybody considered him a genius.


He usually went to the beach on Friday.

She headed back inside.

You are frustrated with your work.

I will see him at the first opportunity.

Has Russ really moved to Boston?


I'd like to believe that Paula told us the truth.

You don't believe Eddy, do you?

It went very smoothly.

She is interested in jazz.

She's like her mum.


Dorothy didn't tell me why he was planning to go to Boston.

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I am unsettled about the news.


Spring is the best season to visit Kyoto.


The cost of building the railroad was very high.


I told the police everything I know.


I wonder what caused this to happen.

Sriram wants me to coach him.

Billie has gone off to explore the mountain.

I'm beginning to see why you like this game so much.

Elementary and primary school children don't yet know good from evil or reality from fiction.

I so want to take you with me to the sea on Saturday.

Nobody talks about my country.

She doesn't have money to buy herself a new car.

Let's begin.

Get me a glass of milk.

Kate left this place for good.


May I go to the nurse?

I finished reading the book.

We elected Marek chairperson.

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He concentrated on his studies.

Asian markets were mixed.

He got angry with whoever challenged him.


I think I will buy the red car.

He is absorbed in his work.

What do you think they want to see?


Do you want to give me a heart attack or what?


She left me the keys.

I gave my half to Martin.

I think you could've been more patient.

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Maria would like to know if Esperanto is really as easy to learn as Jose has claimed it to be.

Don't look at her picture.

When Novak Djokovic was doing the on-court post-match interview after defeating Gilles Simon in an error-ridden five-setter, a fan shouted from the stands, "No more drop shots!" With a grin, Djokovic replied, "I hate to say that, but you're absolutely right."

Hubert didn't buy a new car yesterday, did he?

I asked him not to interfere.

Some people say there shouldn't be any secrets between friends.

At night, she gazed at the moon.

I have a friend everybody trusts.

I'm using a tutor.

Thank you, my friend.

In Korea, there's a popular theory that says that: "If you eat a quarter of an Iceberg lettuce, you will fall asleep". Thus, amongst truck drivers in Korea, lettuce is known as something that should not be eaten before work.

To get technical information from that company, we first have to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Holster your weapon.


I just want to have a normal date.

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Would you like another helping?

Just keep smiling.

Don is the only one who doesn't have a computer.

It is dangerous for children to play near this pond.

Thad is a funny little fellow.

I will never tell it to anybody.

It's not so much his bragging as his posturing that bothers me.

She has international renown as a painter.

What's this in aid of?


Peace is preferable to war.

Everyone is silent.

There is no knowing what will happen in the future.

Miltos can trust Saqib.

I hear the sky is very beautiful there.

Of course there were several hundred boats moving around on the water but not just any old one would do.

What's the matter with you lately?


Vick doesn't trust any of us.

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It sounds simple, I know.

I have to visit her.

I told them I'd be right back.

Do you want to see him again?

Today's party was really lively, wasn't it?

I told Sanand to never see my sister again.

He is kind, and, what is still better, very honest.

He is twelve years old. He is tall for his age.

Please come back.

What treatment was I likely to get from you in case of detection?

You've been in contact with Rajesh, haven't you?


I'm waiting for your answer.

Only a few people understood me.

How many boys are there in your class?

She baked some chocolate brownies.

Do not expose to heat or direct sunlight.


We'll all soon be drunk.

My sister laughed to her heart's content.

Troy will never make it to school on time.


I don't want her to go to jail.

I'd like to make a reservation for next Monday.

After all the trouble we went to in coming up with that project, it only took them a second to shoot it down in the meeting.

You are a nice boy.

Grandma walked to the market to buy food for the whole family.

We reached our goal.

The train slowed and blared its horn as it approached the railway crossing.


Put it back where it was.

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I spoke with the minister myself.


They filled them with straw to make them round and hard.

I have no doubt about that.

That movie was shown on television.

I'm sorry for calling so late. I just wanted to hear your voice.

Talk to me!


A swallow flies very swiftly.

How much of a discount can you give?

I'm equal to my brother in swimming.

Randell doesn't know much about sailing, does he?

How do you decorate your house for Christmas?

They're up to something.

They don't even know why.

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Who is conducting the orchestra tonight?

What's the use of sight if one lacks taste?

We need to work together in order to make the world a better place.


Srinivas is a real fool.

The dog is the human's best friend.

He teaches maths as well as English.

Where are the lions and tigers?

She must come at all events.


Actually this will be my fourth question.


That's very naughty of you.

That attitude is part of the company's culture.

I'm beginning to think there's nothing we can do to help Tran.

When's the big day?

How do you pronounce her name?


Mac is absent due to poor health.

Do you like your car?

My friend uses sugar.

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She seemed disappointed and sad.

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The urban population in most developing countries is increasing very fast.

Can you take over?

We should be better than this.

It is imperative for you to finish by Sunday.

I'll take the bottle.