Show me another camera.

How much per kilo for excess?

Get stuffed!

We have a very serious problem here.

You start working at nine.

Let's give it to her.

Do you want to go back home?

She was forced to bid her hometown farewell.

Did you really fly the plane?

She is not my mother but my oldest sister.

Their faces looked inhuman, covered with scarlet and black paint.

Do you have other family?

Dan's body was badly decomposed.

Tahsin should've asked for help.

Open the door, please, will you?

I get up early.

Had they known what was about to happen, they would have changed their plans.

Hartmann had to give up his dream.


Who fears war should bring about peace.


Answer me when I'm talking to you!

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This is the first time that I have been here.

The police aren't after us anymore.

Susan is very particular about his food.

I am the boss in my office.

I'm going to go wash my hair.

Where did you put your key?

I need to ask you about Kiki.

I told you to finish your homework.

This tape sticks well.


He used to live here.

We'll get in touch with him.

"What would you like on your sandwich, honey or condensed milk?" "Both, and don't bother with the bread."


That man has a hand, rather than a paw, hoof, fin or wing has set him above all other animals and has enabled him to develop a culture based on toolmaking and tool using.

We need to be cautious.

The only thing I want do is go fishing.

Labor created man.

Liisa is regarded as the secret favorite.

The girls began to laugh.

The family is the most basic unit of society.

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Marsh closed his eyes and went to sleep.

I'm sorry, but I can't go with you.

Young and old in Japan celebrate New Year's Day.

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No one is going to help us.

But the answers were all wrong.

I see you going by my house every day.

Nou chose wisely.

She refreshed her memory with the photo.

Celeste is not as tall as Ric.

Please develop and print this film.

Illness made him give up his studies.

We have been studying French for three years.

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Is it too early to call Jack?


Where was Cathrin captured?

I was supposed to study English, but I prefer wathcing this movie.

One for all, all for one.

We're no worse off than we were before.

Randolph wanted something to drink.

It'll take us three, maybe four weeks at the most.

His son is his bitterest disappointment.

I know him for a man of ability.

Should I let them go?

Even children need to make sense of the world.

The Klingons are a warrior spacefaring race in a popular show.

Would you please fill out this form?

Andrew didn't want to play poker.

Thuan was the one who referred Tuan to us.

Will Israel attack Iran?

I'll go see how much longer we'll have to wait.

I don't suppose you'd still have last Saturday's paper?

Bob is in the drama club.

You're the most beautiful woman in the whole world.

They replaced that factory's employees with mechanical arms.

I didn't know Melinda was married.

He raised tomato plants from seed.

You should go to the doctor.


Steve poured himself a glass of wine.


Sedovic contributed a lot of money to the charity.

All these events go against my plans.

It'll be an interesting game.

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Alexis wants his money today.

Why do you think I'm lying?

I'm not afraid of you, Brenda.


You didn't turn in your homework.


Miracles do exist and we believe in them.

His back itches.

Tell me what you have and I will tell you what you think.


That's why I came here.

Franklin can probably pull some strings for you and get you into that school.

With one swift kick, the door busted down!

I liked Jeff.

We're playing for keeps.

Ralph wrote down Bryce's phone number.

What is the weather in Athens?


Please don't drive so fast.

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Raphael poured some bourbon into the glass.

You will need a key.

What made you suspicious?

Ray knows a lot of people.

How often do you visit Boston?

The handle of the cup has broken off.

Christophe got angry at the children.

We've got the truth on our side.

Rick has lots of shoes.

Eat more fresh vegetables.

She beat them.


Where's your other brother?


Melanie thinks that the situation is very bad.

Joyce is at the general assembly.

His wife caught him out with that blonde and then he was really up shit creek without a paddle.

I'm not sure I have enough time to help you.

This bed is very comfortable.

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He had to let his secretary go because she got married.

I haven't worn this in years.

I am looking forward to walking around the Izu Peninsula with some of my friends during summer vacation.


Isn't life beautiful?

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As in Eastern Europe, pollution in China is getting worse and worse.


I think Maarten would be a good name for our son.

Prices vary with each store, so do your shopping wisely.

Blaine may have already left for Boston.

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Since my boyfriend is more of an indoors person, I didn't go to the beach, nor to the mountains this summer.

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I still think it's weird.

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May I count on you to get me the job?

Billy's computer is new.

Did anybody leave me a message?

I'll get even with you for this insult!

I do not fear death.

Konrad wasn't bluffing.

He won't believe it.

I don't want to see Andries here again.

I've got a feeling.

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Jos wasn't able to carry all of the books.

Should I cancel my business trip to LA?

We have to count all of the ballots.


Can I go swimming this afternoon?

I don't need a lecture.

Jan would've loved this.

That doesn't sound very convincing, but I believe you.

Gather your toys together.

I only got a glimpse of the thief.

Although each person follows a different path, our destinations are the same.

We're direct.

Andrew isn't really my type.

We finally reached the lake.

You can't divide by zero in mathematics.


Mechael says that Andries can go, but that he can't.


Religion is the metaphysics of the common people.

We just kind of lost touch.

Don't tell me Patrick can speak French, too.

We aren't sure what should be done.

What's the other reason?


Catherine has three cousins.

In 1912, the Austrian tailor Franz Reichelt died jumping off the first floor of the Eiffel Tower while trying out his new invention, the parachute coat, which did not work...

I can tell by his accent that he is German.

I'm very miserable.

Won't you give me a spot?

We'll do more than that.

That would be a waste of their talents.

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The workers receive their wages every Friday.


Then where did you go?

He was found mysteriously murdered.

It's foul of you to have concealed it.

That's highway robbery!

I have no other option.

He's insecure.

I know how to do that.

I don't want to be late for the show.

He waited until ten and left shortly afterwards.