Every star is a sphere.

I always enjoy hearing you sing.

It has too many disadvantages.

In the Bible, it says that we are the image of God.

Monica has various bank accounts.

Dawson was a big help to us.

Her acute observation skills make her a very suitable photographer.

It's a sure thing.

Cecilia knows Rajiv better than I do.

It takes a lot of money to start a business.

The Chicago Tribune was wrong.

How old were you when you left Australia?

George III has been unfairly maligned by historians.

We had a little car trouble.

I don't drive a car.

Antonella always tries to do what he thinks is right.


What goes on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon, and three legs in the evening?

If you had parked your car here, you would have been fined.

The German translators, always late, hadn't translated this sentence yet, and Rodent and Siping worried as to whether they should go through another translation to reach the sentence in Lojban.

This is the last time I'll advise Taninna.

Sign the contract.


Don't judge a person by his appearance.


My mother will make me a birthday cake.

He was about to achieve great plans.

Are local trains included on this schedule?

She took risks.

My friends stood by me during the process.

I wish you good luck in the exam!

That should be clear.


That is why the U.S. government has gone to court to protect the right of women and girls to wear the hijab, and to punish those who would deny it.

Angus has unrealistic expectations.

That's a really stupid idea.


He gained nothing by telling me that.


I'm focusing on my German!

We're graduating tomorrow.

The girl begged her mother to accompany her.

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He is always a little irritable in the morning.


Whoever can listen to butterflies laughing can also know how clouds taste.

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How long can we keep this frozen food?

Fuck, I cannot sleep because those damned owls are hooting so loudly.

What was in that package?

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Why did you tell Markus to do that?

With the help of my friends I learn a whole bunch of new and interesting things.

Dion became famous very quickly.


Be here at six o'clock sharp.

Earle wants you badly.

What can we do to help them?


Bobbie looks somewhat upset.


I want my country to win.


His fairy tales made Hans Christian Andersen, the most famous Dane in the world, an icon of world literature.

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Tell her you lied.

That's just an old wives' tale.

We have been friends ever since.

It was from him.

Mark and Paul are my friends: one is a doctor and the other is a cobbler.


I accompanied her on a walk.

The temperature was at least 100 degrees.

Karen has a nice bike.

Now I have a headache, too.

Maybe you should go home.

You love children, don't you?

My parrot died yesterday.

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I bookmarked this website.

I forgot to tell Joe something.

How did you spend Christmas?

Investing all his fortune would not be enough.

I'm the best.


Did they write a letter?

Anthony was wearing a vintage skirt and a wool hat.

What were they after?

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He asked me out to dinner.

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I think you should buy this.

I have never stopped loving you.

Do you really think that I'm going to let you do that?

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Please consult with your parents about the trip.

It's rather cold on deck.

I'm going to go take a nap.

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She is French.

I dream about Marika almost every day.

I don't want you to harass him.

Even if you look closely, you don't see anything.

You said you were alone, did not you?

I don't like them anymore.

Let's play baseball!

Christopher is not often wrong.

I really feel bad about it.

We weren't as busy as I thought we'd be.

We never lose.

Manolis put his bag on the counter.

You have my number. Call me sometime.


You seem worried.

I want a piece of pie.

Yes, I'm in a rush.

He doesn't have a job.

The way you're doing it is wrong.


With more than two million e-mails sent every second, someone, somewhere, is sending an e-mail as we speak.


I just don't know what happened.

We've come too far to quit now.

Drunk people often do stupid things.


Murthy was born in a small town not too far from Boston.

You only have to touch the button.

With that sort of attitude you'll never get past the honourable-mention prizes.


I invented an excuse for missing the banquet.

The students learned many poems by heart.

Read the fucking manual!


Bob made her his wife.

You won't believe who came by today.

We are planning a trip to New York.

Nope, I'm not buying it.

He has a point.


I forgot something.

I didn't even notice her.

You're going to be a good father.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Dewey is afraid of making mistakes.

They don't like this either.

When he come back, I'll say to him.

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I find your argument too convoluted. Couldn't you try to make it simpler and more concise?

Jennie informed Jeffrey that his train was late.

Nancy wasn't able to find a job.

There is every reason to doubt that it is true.

Only man knows how to use fire.

I said nothing, which made him more furious.

Her dream is to lead a life full of variety.


Moe's pulse is low.

Give Prakash a kiss for me.

She left the farm to go to the city.


I think: Necessity makes inventive.

How's your sister?

Tell them to try harder.

Do you feel too warm?

You have to wait for the right time to pull the switch.


That's what I don't understand.

That's true too, isn't it?

Hillel began to tell Caleb what had happened.

I can't remember ever doing that.

Since you're so smart, why don't you do it yourself?


I'll be there by eight somehow.


You had better put the book back on the desk, for the owner will come back there.

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You really made me lose face.

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No one can do the job better than Steve.


I was wrong, you were wrong, and both of us need to correct this mistake.

You had never talked to me like that before!

Do you still have a gun?

You should explain it to me.

As Harv is honest, I like him.

The manager assembled the players on the field.

Play it again.

Doesn't it seem strange to you?

Actions speak louder than words.


Don't get me wrong, Kris.

Marsh is scared of the dark.

Dan went to London and married Linda.

We had our photo taken on the beach.

He handed in his resignation.

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I think she's from Austria.

He showed up when we less expected it.

Emo people wear black lipstick.


I think it necessary for children to have something to play with.