I read about almond paste containing carcinogens.

Chris was satisfied with the results.


How many hours will the trip take?

I want you to find him.

Thad traveled around Australia for a few months.

The young chemist decided to open a pharmacy.

Their friendship ripened into a deep love.


Maarten promised me that he wouldn't tell anybody.

I wouldn't be too surprised if this song became a hit.

His villa on the hill commands the sea.


Such a ridiculous superstition no longer exists.


Darrell can't do even simple arithmetic.

What exactly is your concern?

Open the door, please, will you?

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There is a lady downstairs who wants to speak to you.

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Can you hold it a moment for me?


Whenever you're in trouble or feeling down, I'll be there for you.

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It's the real thing.

I would like to see Mr Terry Tate.

I'll tell you how to deal with Conrad.

That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

Ken has memorized a large number of Japanese songs.

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Don't you think it's time you left?


If that woman will love me for who I am for a lifetime, I would marry her.


If you can read the following, we can communicate in Japanese, too.

Are you suggesting I behaved inappropriately?

He is not rich, but he is happy.

If there's anything urgent, you can get in touch with me.

Marilyn told me that he wanted a dog.

She started early in order to avoid the rush hour.

Can we stop fighting?


We flattered her on her cooking.

I look forward to meeting him.

It'll do no harm to drink a little whisky.

I just made it up.

The scandal was an obstacle to his career.

We won't be buying anything.

Will you go to Copacabana today?

My grandfather suffers from osteoporosis.

Betty will be able to come before noon.


My labor has started.

The hardest part of language learning is remembering vocabulary.

He thinks he knows best.

Nathaniel didn't notice what Brad was wearing.

I know very well what they want.

My parents cut me a generous check to help me get out from under all my credit card debt.

The uniforms are different from those of our school.

Who stole my horse?

I know it was strange.

Andreas used to be a hairdresser.

Nanda doesn't have a temperature.

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What do your instincts tell you?

Saify isn't a lazy child.

Would you like a cupcake?

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Clyde tried not to look worried.

Mayo hasn't cooked the eggs yet.

What's the reading on the blood pressure monitor?

Did Lui listen to everything you said?

Look, June, can I borrow some money?

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Bring me the magazines.


Kitty shouted something in French.

Look at the cat.

Can I unload the high speed film?

Where's the rest of the team?

Waiter, three coffees, please.

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That's not annoying to me.


You don't know any French, do you?

The next step was to sign the document.

I couldn't walk.

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Dan died of his gunshot wound.

I know them better than you do.

Let's try to have a good time.

He is no better than a beggar.

Can you get it to work?

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I want to be on the other team.

Dan ordered mineral water.

Tides are caused by the influence of the moon.

They didn't offer me anything to eat.

Jenine climbed into his truck.


I'm confident in my ability.

They spent part of the afternoon strolling through the city.

Where's my beer?

Do you have any soft drinks?

They meant it.

Nothing seems to be missing.

In geometry, a triangle's Fermat point is a point defined such that its total distance from the three triangle vertices is the minimum possible.

There is nothing like a walk.

Before going back to work, I decided to rest a little.

That needs to be corrected.

Franklin agrees with a lot of what Amedeo said.

Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.

We should go see a movie tonight.


Niall will do the right thing.


I never went away from you.

I do not know the train schedules, could you find out for me?

We found what we were looking for.

I'll let you know what we turn up.

I can't do anything for her.


Daniel hardly ever complains.

Your life is in danger.

Benson applauded.

Gil looks wobbly.

That was not an earthquake.

I bought a lot of books.

The story was very interesting.


We came here when our father was working abroad.

She had a real talent for smoothing over troubled situations.

Heinz and Manny are just arriving.

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Kamel was too fat.

I can't tell you how to do that.

It is not more than two miles to the village.

Dirty drinking water can cause sickness.

I asked them to close the door.

What do you feel like talking about?

Price let the ashes from his cigarette fall on my expensive carpet.

Is this OK?

You're obnoxious.

Amarth told the police he had been framed.

The snake was the one who tempted Eve.


One thing that won't change is our commitment to our customers.


I've been waiting a long time.


It's older than that.


I'm too busy next week.

You mean you couldn't do it.

Dawn is going to help us tomorrow.

I can't figure out why he said so.

The actions of men are the best interpreters of their thoughts.


This memory weighs, as a nightmare would, on my soul.

The floor is very cold.

Lawrence will be here very soon.

This book is too dear for me.

She always wanted love.

He makes a point of taking the eight o'clock bus.

His brother watches TV all the time.

Maybe it's time to tell Jesse.

Did you show him that new book you bought?

It's a very simple process.

I've got to catch some Z's.

I don't understand that at all.

I'm not a patient man.


Someone will see us!

We've had very fruitful discussions.

I gave my cold to Rebecca.

I don't have it.

We heard shots.


Here we are!

I'm sure Derek was happy.

I'm the guy who has the tickets.

Please let me know the schedule beforehand.

Is it Friday?


I just uncorked a bottle of wine.


Here are the choices.

Among wild ducks, it seems there are homosexual necrophiliacs.

Are you the new assistant?

It is better to read a few books carefully than to read many at random.

Hohn knew he'd never see Alejandro again.

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Do you like any of these?


Mason is too old to work.

Srinivasan was small in stature.

Jerald greeted everyone.


That experience left a bad taste in my mouth.