I can't talk to Ravindran.

I'm sorry for shouting at you.

Doug told us what to do.

It is a good idea to read this book.

Oskar was using drugs, so the police arrested her.

She is less beautiful than her sister.

We're not very far from where it happened.

Theodore and Vivek don't want to talk to John.

You should learn from his example.


He pulled her hair.

Sanjib is in a state of shock.

The plant's closure spelt disaster for the town.

I want to see them tomorrow.

Where is the bird's area?

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I can be laid back.

John Kerry opposed this idea.

Stop bothering my wife.


Phiroze said yesterday was the happiest day of his life.

Republican leaders denied the charge.

Is Mr Fujiwara at home now?

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I haven't many brothers.

I've always wanted a child.

The organist played Messiaen, and notes of all colors and aromas rained down upon the rapt audience in the nave of the church.

Nicole can speak Japanese very well.

We must sow the seeds of mutual understanding.

I didn't consult with Shannon.

Dan didn't even hear what Linda said.

I repeated what he said exactly as he had said it.

Good technicians are in short supply in the developing countries.

We must succeed.

Panos said he needed my help, so I helped him.

Brisance measures how quickly an exploding material reaches its maximum pressure.

Rabin signed a confession.

You can't appreciate his good points by just seeing what he looks like.

Even if it isn't true, it's still rather clever.

We looked for the puppy, but it was in vain.

She says that she enjoyed it very much.


I was sorry to hear about her.

Sharada has always been good to me.

John had to get along on a shoestring.

We just hired them.

Butler wanted to know what Leonard thought.


The view of the Earth from the Moon is one of the iconic images of the 20th century.

Wherever you go, you see a lot of bicycles left on sidewalks near stations.

Are you satisfied, Leonard?

In most cases we had to give in to their demands.

There's milk in the fridge.

Kolkka plugged his speakers into his music player.

Samir has no self-esteem.

Isaac hoped Toby would make it to his party.

We can not rely on her kindness.

What do you think of this red hat?

Do good to those that hate you.


Maybe in a different universe, the emotional and psychic environment is even different from ours.


They mistook my politeness for friendship.


Meat's scarce.

Does it taste good?

It's OK to be afraid.


Success can only be achieved through hard work.

Drinking too much is bad for the health.

When will his new novel come out?


He sat down next to me.

Rand's constant nagging really got to Ilya after a while.

Can we talk about it later?

Everyone's reading.

Is it blue?


Yerba mate became a hit in Korea.

When Srinivas woke up, he found that Lance had vanished.

He's done business with this company for years.

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You should've just told me earlier.

I came to ask Matthieu a favor.

I thought we'd have breakfast together.

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Do you have your iPad with you?

"What do you want?" "I want meat."

I'll talk to Graham later about this.


I love to learn languages.

Why are we still fighting?

Finally, What did you buy the last day?

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The possibility that the two events are unconnected is not worth considering.

They built an extension to the office.

Raymond gave that question serious thought.

A Brasiliense is someone who was born or who lives in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, located in the Federal District, in the central plateau.

I don't really want to go swimming.


I'm not at liberty to tell you about the incident.


Get off me you little pest!


Sjouke wrote his name on all his notebooks.


It's very dark.

Tad has been reading a book all afternoon.

Philip is small.

Where can I get some information on tours?

I got something from them.


Whose are they?

I was severely wounded during the operation.

Please tell me the truth ; is there a Santa Claus?

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I don't want to get in your way.


Good, I will do my best.

I think Morton is too assertive.

I could not imagine her face when she tries this lemonade.

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This is my house in the winter.


He resolutely pushed forward from the start, overwhelming and pushing out his off-balance opponent.

Do you want to talk to someone?

I touched them.

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What should I do with this?


Let's do our job.


Keep your dirty hands off me!

I must bring home the fact that he is wrong in this case.

What a cool picture!

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It was very nice.


It's been two years since I started learning Chinese.


I have to buy one.

I've read all the books that you recommended me.

The police appealed to the crowd not to panic.


I have no prejudice.

Look at your clothes!

Marcos set his homework out on the table.

Jane opposed our decision.

He really has it out for people.


Is the Ginza the busiest street in Japan?

His hotel chamber at the palatial space hotel had the grandiose view of Jupiter's rainbow face through the big window.

Could you turn on your headlights?

It's still too cold to go to the beach.

A doctor was called in right away.

After the rain, many mushrooms grow in the forest.

Let's get a cab.

What are you grinning at?

Tomorrow might be better for me.

She suggested that I cancel the meeting.

I'm pretty good at first aid.

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My friend lives outside the city.


He can nourish his elephant, but cannot nourish his child.

He who makes Man as his standard will be struck by weapons.

I'd like to send this postcard to Japan.

Tao committed suicide when he was thirty.

It is time you get down to work.

I think I'm really not any good at French.

Could you do me a favor and wait until tomorrow morning?

I don't remember inviting Debi to dinner.

It has stopped working.

Rafik seems to recognize that guy.

It isn't impossible.


This tree is about as high as that one.

This is where it all began.

The company is a producer and distributor of television programming.


When Christofer was a kid, he became obsessed with the girl who lived across the street from him.


Can we turn on some lights?

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Why in the world did you do that?

You can count on me any time.

We didn't kill Fritz.


Who told you to contact me?

How far is it from here to the next village?

She helps you to write it.

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I will introduce her husband to you.

I couldn't keep myself from yawning.

What complications can occur with such an operation?

The whole country was excited by the news.

I'm sorry, I've forgotten your name.

Let's just sit here a while and listen.

They held the meeting here.