I don't want to sit next to them.

That is not a fish.

I was invited to Sachiko's party.

Wilson clearly had the best chance to win.


I was often at odds with my parents.

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The panda is indigenous to Sichuan Province and does not live in the wild in any other places.


I wish Jimmy would depend on me more.

They drove wagons and carried supplies.

Please tell me the story once more.


These are our children.

Give me what you have in your hand.

I hope that some scientist will soon discover a cure for AIDS.

Tatoeba was translated into basque in summer 2010.

It's really fun to learn Esperanto.

I'm Mexican.

Jennifer has come to see you.


Forget the newspaper and listen to what I'm telling you.


One important thing to remember is that Americans may remain silent when you say something they don't agree with.


I think you're missing something.

She understands French.

Words travel across the universe.


We're sympathetic.


It was careless of me to forget to lock the door.


A family of gnomes lives in a small house under this tree.


Lars can hardly support himself on his salary.

We aren't that poor.

Please hold my place in line.

He gestures when he speaks.

At least tell her how you feel.

I know that it was done by him.

It's a truly difficult problem to resolve.

Have you seen any English travelers here?

Your opinion matters to me.

Ask them.

I managed to make myself understood in English.


Esperanto is the girl of my dreams.


You're so emotional.

I saw a man get hit by a car.

That should be pleasing to anyone.

I'll get the guns.

I concentrated my attention on the little things of history.

She followed me into the kitchen and picked up a knife. She then started cutting vegetables.

I hate to eat alone.

I was stabbed in the back by my subordinate.

He was ashamed of his ignorance.

Kate forgot to water the plants for a whole week.

Is Ping really Canadian?

This book is green.

Pierce's handwriting is hard to read.

I keep thinking about you.

Your grandmother meant a lot to you, didn't she?

Be sure to check in at least 45 minutes prior to departure time.

Once upon a time there was a king who had a beautiful daughter.


What is his character like?

And I would like to mention another detail.

She has very nice-looking handwriting.

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We've got to get it done.

You're realistic.

How can this not be good?

What is it you like about us?

I still think it's unlikely that Old will win.

Can you account for all the money you spent?

He abstained from alcohol.

Could you tell me how to get to your office?

Someone's ringing the doorbell.

I have to go home to be with my children.

Tai couldn't understand Jeffie's joke.

Say pretty things about a person's children.

I never fail to write to my mother once a month.


The football World Cup will be held in Brazil in 2014.

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Good always triumphs over evil.

Carlos couldn't speak French well.

He wants to run for President.

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You're not telling me the whole truth.


Don't fall asleep.

We can use force if we have to.

My house is your house.

More and more people look for natural treatments.

He played.

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The doors were locked and we couldn't get in anyhow.

Aah! Hang on a minute!

Back in the day, we'd go out and do all kinds of illegal stuff.

My objective is to speak your language.

Scott can be a little difficult to get along with.

I'm sure I turned off the lights.

Josip landed a big trout.


She swims, but does not sink.


We've taken precautions.

We'll be ready by the time you get here.

How many brothers do you have?


I'm sorry, we have no vacancies.


Your nose was bleeding.

The investigation started to slow down.

I'm loaded.

The loss of their mother affected them greatly.

Hm! You're right!

You can handle this.

The children were fed first.

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This book is way more interesting than that one.

I was in the east of the country when the crime occurred.

The new car underwent its tests successfully.

I don't know who he is.

The decision is not yet final.

Somebody's got to do something.

I'm sure you meant well.

Roy waited for three hours.

Morris put on a pair of sunglasses.

Once, Zhuangzi dreamed he was a butterfly, but when he woke up, he wasn't sure whether he was Zhuangzi who had dreamt being a butterfly or if he was a butterfly now dreaming he was Zhuangzi.

The weather is bad today.

Nadeem couldn't find a job in Boston, so he came back home.

Put your hands behind your head.


How long does it take you to get here on foot from your home?

He is losing ground in his company.

The band plays really well.

How did you guys first meet each other?

I'm afraid Spencer will say no.

Does Shyam have a younger brother?

He was talking as he walked.


Jun felt helpless.

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I refuse to help.


Sheila lit a candle and went down to the basement.

What do you have to say for yourselves?

Ken pulled a chair over and sat down.

I figured Brandi might be interested in helping.

I want to wait and see what they propose.


Get your filthy hands off her.

Is there a bank near the station?

Your history teacher would be proud.

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I'm quite sure Celia won't do that.

Shankar is in Boston now, isn't he?

We plan to stay in Paris for two weeks.

Could you show me what you're serving in the buffet?

Will you go for lost balls?

As it is, ordinary people cannot afford to purchase such luxuries.

This is my coat, and that is my father's.


She looked like an angel.

He chanced on a rare book at a second-hand bookstore.

Magnus dropped something.

There was a large audience at the piano recital last night.

There is a subtle difference between the two words.

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You'll probably be late for work if you don't hurry.


I'm three weeks away from retirement.


I wonder what that was all about.


You can always come here.


Why don't we go to see a film?

Someone's eating.

It's unfortunate that he is gone.

Can you repeat that, please?

Are you reliable?

I wish to speak to her.

What is the bad news?

Please leave me alone. I am busy.

She has the habit of clearing her throat whenever she's nervous.

The scholar carried on his lifework.

Alex let Farouk do whatever she wanted to do.

Some people behave as if the sentences they create are the most precious things they have.

She denied that she had stolen anything.

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Let me crunch some numbers and get back to you on that.


Drink turmeric and turn fair-skinned.

Ariel noticed that he and Anne were finally alone together.

That river is dangerous to swim in.