This district is known for its beautiful scenery.

My mind went blank.

Thanks so much for your help.

He is a respected professor of physics.

I only wanted to talk to them.

Mr Kato is a teacher.

I'll get one.

When will we reach a higher language level?

He was sitting on a bench.

No matter what you do, don't laugh.

I want to see your expression.

What time did you go to sleep?

His name is Pekka.

I told him to stay in his room.

Marco thinks he writes well.

His work is not up to standard.

Nhan was sad and lonely.

Alexis is selling himself short.


Don't say such ill-omened things.

The typhoon accounted for the closing of school.

The car is white.

This is outrageous.

What're you planning on doing after you retire?

Please sign this receipt.

The only thing he did before he briskly went on ahead was give us a map. The remainder of us could only rely on the map to figure out where to go.


The president is a down-to-earth kind of man.

The earth's ecosystem is to some extent self-correcting, so it is also possible that the effects are being masked by other changes.

Edgar seems to have gained weight.

She will never talk about it.

Rudolph talked my ears off.

Each year some 4500 different Pop LPs appear.

Today we have more than three times as many vehicles as on the roads in 1950.


Were you speaking German?


This is personal.

Why will you not listen to reason?

I think it's that simple.


My mom bought me this toy when I was 8.

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I am in pursuit of points.

Blake was lying on the couch, reading a book.

They are not my real parents.

He left Tokyo for Osaka.

It's the same thing.

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We need to tell them about this.

I'd like to try and change the way we've been doing things around here.

When I entered the coffee shop, two young men were watching a wrestling match on television.


You're too weak to do that.


Gigi gave the cat some milk.

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The deep red of the setting sun portended fine weather.

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Don't speak in Japanese.

Rod plans to stay here until it stops raining.

What do I owe you?

Alfred fell off his horse.

How many unemployed are there in the world?

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Modern people cannot do without cars.

My father told me to write an answer and post it at once.

Herman tried to cover up his mistake.

I don't want to hear about all your old girlfriends.

In a court of fowls, the cockroach never wins his case.

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I love butterflies.


Will you be staying up and working all night to finish the job?

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Frances is very generous.

In order to get to know a person, one merely needs to travel with them for a week.

If circumstances were different, he might have asked her out on a date.

She's very insecure about her looks.

I know that you're afraid of flying, but flying is not dangerous.

I can't disagree with what Joel says.

The thing the Time Traveller held in his hand was a glittering metallic framework, scarcely larger than a small clock, and very delicately made. There was ivory in it, and some transparent crystalline substance.

He taunted me, but I didn't take the bait.

Metin refused to tell us anything.

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She greeted Mr Kato with a smile.


Familiarity breeds contempt and children.


The roof is well-insulated.

Courtney is going to call you tonight.

The most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is at all comprehensible.

Lee said those were the conditions he had expected.

She lives on a small pension.


Johnathan chose wisely.

Can you reach the top shelf?

I'm the one who called you guys.

Butler said that he doesn't know where Julian lives.

Maybe I deserve this.

Can you say much in Dutch?

How well he can skate.

Since they left the national highway, they hadn't come across another car.

Am I being too vague?

All Niels thinks about is making money.

Stuart and Lisa have been bosom friends for years.


He filled up the hole in the wall.

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I met her a long time after graduation, and she had totally become a housewife.

What's troubling you?

Barton wanted Mehrdad to sing with him.

Her mother went to the United States to learn English.

I didn't mean any harm by it.

Meet Mr. Petit.

Their secret was laid bare.


The people of the village built a wooden bridge across the river.

Are you sure you can handle all that?

I had to get something from my room.

What colour is the car she bought herself?

Even the experts took the painting for a genuine Rembrandt.

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Do as she says.

These shoes fit my feet.

Do you think he expects you to sleep with him?

Coincidentally enough, I know him.

Have you ever heard from your son?


We will have an English test next Monday.

The mother is looking for a babysitter.

A Mr. West called in your absence.

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Who won the Super Bowl?


I'm sure my family is looking for me.

I'm not asking them.

We have pilaf, lo mein, and kebabs in our restaurant.

My name is John.

He came at me with a knife in his hand.

You shouldn't answer your mother back like that when she scolds you.

How tall is Stacey?

There's no snow on the ground.

It is nice of you to come and see me.

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We all want to know why.


Do you ever sleep?


Why is it that at a bachelor's establishment the servants invariably drink the champagne?

Tell Alejandro I'll be there in a minute.

He's quick with his hands.

Just looking at a lemon makes one feel the sourness in one's mouth.

I like spring.

Why did you move here?

The anger that I had built up in me until then evaporated like a mist hit by the sun.


I wish I could see Rabin.

Let's have fun!

I need to meet more Peruvian friends.

He is too young to undertake this work.

We have a little time before the next train.

Do we have free will?

Are there any girls here you haven't met yet?

Did you read this morning's extra?

Write me when you arrive.

It rained yesterday afternoon.

Washing dishes is something I don't really enjoy doing.

He's just a big fish in a little pond.

Here are large amount of minor mistakes and tiny misunderstandings that distort the meaning of the original sentence.

We will all die, sooner or later.

I want to die.

Maureen never showed up again.

Neptune is the eighth planet from the Sun.

He would go fishing in spite of our warning.

Terri wants to make sure we understand what he wants.

He is older than I by two years.

We've allowed for that.


Any time I caught myself thinking negatively, I would rephrase the thought in a way that was more positive.


Tell us about your trip.

That is completely irrelevant.

I regret having idled away my youth.

Ping heard from Kristi several months ago.

What an interesting book!


Murthy checked to make sure his gun was loaded.


Everyone loves sports.


I filled in my own name on the form.


We're still the best of friends.

Who's the person in charge?

I turned one off.

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I've been trying to contact you all morning.


We got stuck in a traffic jam, which made us twenty minutes late.