I begged her not to go.

We don't have enough friends.

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Norm seems to be depressed this morning.

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I live across the hall.

Why are you complaining about your jeans being too tight? Why didn't you try them on before buying them?

She is afraid of dogs.

You might want to reconsider.

How much are they?

OK, I guess I'm ready.

We have a school holiday tomorrow.

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Why didn't you call me sooner?

It wasn't very fun.

Spare me the sarcasm.

She claimed to be the owner of the land.

Can they hear us?

After work, Bryce is always tired.

Please close the window.

Do you not know who I am?

Trains are running on schedule.

It was broad daylight when I woke up.

Eric tightened the nuts.

We're out of wine.

How do I look?


I saw her on the stairs.

I am the laziest person I know.

I met him at Tokyo Station.

Can I talk to you outside for a second?

Have you met her?


I really do wish you hadn't done that.

A dog jumped onto the chair and lay motionless for five minutes.

I certainly had no idea Hillel didn't know how to swim.


Are you in immediate danger?

My sister is crazy about tennis.

A thief could have easily seen the note and stolen the laptop.

I'm really not interested in history.

It is not progress but regression.


They immediately began arguing about many issues.

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They made fun of Jack's haircut.

Figaro invited us to his marriage, but we were late and when we arrived everyone had left a long time ago.

She was in time for the bus.

They crouched down beside Chip.

List is eating lunch.

Trying to find happiness only makes you unhappy.

All right, I give up.

I went to elementary school in Nagoya.

I made the best of my small room.

I feel blue.

Mummy, that man just fell flat on his face!

I have a passport.

You must choose the second-best policy according to the circumstances.

If you would know a man, observe how he treats a cat.

Take your place.

All that he can do is to support himself.

I feel like going out today.


Kiki might just as well go home.

That's one of the things I miss about Europe.

We exorcise you, every unclean spirit, every satanic power, every incursion of the infernal adversary, every legion, every congregation and diabolical sect.


I have it in mind to have a gray suit made to order for the winter.

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All the students stood up when Dan played the national anthem.


I'm not looking for trouble.


Everyone is master in his own house.

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Miguel no longer eats with the voracity that he used to.

Their job is to help old people.

Excuse me, where is the metro?

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I don't know what could have happened to it.


What have you done with that wristwatch?

I'll get this to Novo.

Edmond asked the janitor to open the door to the auditorium.

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Can you turn on the air conditioning?

Douglas looked around the room, but couldn't see Kuldip.

Why are you angry?


The results fell short of my expectations.

That's not exactly what I meant to say.

You have to make them understand.

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Those are too big.

We don't usually go for cute stuff, but this is just too adorably awesome.

That building is three stories high.

Do you remember talking to them?

When I got up to go to school, the moon was still visible in the sky.

He has made a fortune through hard work.

Seeing her lovely face relaxes me.

You break it, you bought it.

Give me just three minutes.

Murat couldn't make up his mind right away.

I'll come right to the point.

If it were not for great books, our lives would be much the poorer.

I hope that's satisfactory.

No one else was hurt.

He felt the rain on his face.


We're the only ones here.

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I know things about you.

Put plainly, we are steering a steady course toward economic oligarchy, if we are not there already.

Just make sure you talk to them.


Nathan ate all my candy.

They wouldn't tell me anything over the phone.

Who's going to believe us?

Turkeer's a fantastic leader.

We regard John as our leader.

Denis and John pretended to be brothers.

America was a mainly agricultural society.

I don't need your answer now, you can sleep on it and come back in a few days.

Who'd want to hire you?

The nurse fell in love with her patient.

There was silence as the judge pronounced sentence.

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I was surprised that he had failed.

The athletic meet was put off until next week.

Most of the staff has left.

A is the first letter of the alphabet.

He obviously loves you.

Do you think we can help her?

He traveled about the world.

Annie came to see us yesterday afternoon.

I want a car, but I have no money to buy one.

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You will be famous.

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You're obviously sick.

Monday morning I was bitten by a dog.

I know how much you care about Dan.

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The crowd erupted into applause.

Make sure you finish this by the end of the day.

We will include public interest material and several trials where our users will have access to and be able to enrich or experiment with all the variety of products we offer.


This is true to life.


I love taking pictures.

I've changed my mind.

That is unequivocally one of the worst ideas I have ever heard.

If you want to study Chinese well, you should communicate with Chinese people more often.

Claire is extremely naive.


You sure do know how to have a good time.

It tastes very great.

Although my strength has started to give out, I do not want to show my weakness to people.

See you again tomorrow.

This question in English is anything but easy.


Meanwhile, we depict aliens doing really weird stuff.

Please don't get mad, sir! I'm a new worker!

I'd be willing to bet Lloyd will be late.

I couldn't care less if others don't like the sci-fi shows I like watching.

"How soon will the bus come?" "In five minutes."

All but two people were present there.

I'd like you to come with us.


Liyuan wasn't like most soldiers.

Aren't you glad?

Hello. How can I help you?

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The cat ran right in front of the bus and was run over.

He thought that I was very tired.

The result of his action still remains to be seen.

Do you mind if I sit?

That might not be as hard as you think it's going to be.

Tomorrow, I have plans to go to Tokyo.

The sun is shining, the temperature is 6 degrees C, therefore cycling is possible.


What has your friend been doing recently?

Vegetarians don't eat meat, but they eat red apples.

Sometimes I'd like to know who invented winter and the cold.

Today's a bit warmer than usual.

He is a politician in all senses.

Lanny speaks French as well as anybody else in this room.

Which boy is Masao?

He's a man of outstanding character.

Our goose is cooked.

What did Loyd say?

They're our clients.


The Americans surprised the Germans.

Don't give up. You still have a chance.

My favorite singer is Mariah Carey, too!

Leo received a standing ovation.

I love you more than anyone else.

How many times a week do they collect garbage in this town?

Do you think Teresa will be back soon?