Takayuki leaped from his seat.


We need to destroy this tape.


We just don't know.

My pet cat died yesterday.

I like to decorate my room with flowers.

Why's Masanobu still doing that?

Married people are happier than unmarried people.


She keeps her hair in curls.

If you get shot, you'll die.

He doesn't walk.

Am I going too fast?

Have a good day at work.

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Laurianne should've given Eli flowers or something on Valentine's Day.


Guy and John quarreled, but made up after a while.

I do not like to take on any more work.

His weekly wages are $20.

The most common symptom of miscarriage is vaginal bleeding, which may occur with or without pain.

Why didn't you say anything?

Human ovum is barely visible to the naked eye.

It's a very bizarre animal.


I found the problem was easy to solve.

The world record for the most spacewalks is held by Russian astronaut Anatoly Solovyev with a total of 16 EVAs and more than 82 hours outside in space.

I believe that one should pay taxes with a smile. I tried it, but they wanted money.


Being celibate means that you may only do it with other celibates.

The bridge is being repaired.

How did you get to know each other?

Why are you laughing? I'm trying to be serious here...

I cooked deer meat.

"And do the travellers remember him?"

Kurt had a little to drink.

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Do you want a calculator?

Come here!

They were outraged.

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Roman is a lovable guy.


I doubt Samuel would be interested in joining the army.

We'll be here all day.

As usual the Spanish team are showing off their skills at one-touch football.

This is a classic.

I don't want to know this.


No, and it is also not under the chair.

Is this the first time for you to have Japanese food?

The police arrested the suspect yesterday.

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Turn your misfortune to account.

Panos made many changes.

You really need a woman.

Where can I go to buy art books and catalogues?

She is very teachable.

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Were you at the beach all summer?

You want to talk about this event?

Do you know who wrote this book?

Send us the photos.

He speaks English, and French as well.

I should've foreseen this.

He has the same school qualifications as I have.

I quit smoking three years ago.

The author of the book is called Kitto.

They did not want to get involved in the fighting.

Yes. She got an introduction from her old doctor and transferred.

I'll be thirsty.

Stephanie decided that it would be fun to try paragliding.


Pilot said he was sorry for last night.


I think Michiel played very well.


We had no idea what we should do.


If only I knew, I would tell you all that I knew.

I think you're a little confused.

What did I do to deserve this ridiculously overpriced dress?

He went up to her and they shook hands.

He is busy with his work.

The purpose of my visit is to persuade you to take a trip with me.

It looks a lot worse than it is.

Someone gave me this.

I think I'll go ahead and ask Rodney if he'll join us.

Benjamin opened the closet to hang up his coat.

He wants to spend time with his son.

The two families live under one roof.

I don't have a lot of patients.


Marsha really doesn't want to be here.


Sal thinks that it's going to rain.


The government's policies failed miserably.

Mr Kondo is the most hardworking in his company.

All right, everyone, remain calm.

Can we consider this meeting over?

Why should I wait?


I need to get a little sleep.

Friend, lend me three loaves of bread, for a friend of mine has come to me from a journey, and I have nothing to set before him.

To tell the truth, I've already seen the movie.

Gypsy doesn't do things like that.

Sue was very sleepy.

To succeed, you must believe.

Do not make any modifications before you get confirmations.


Jiri doesn't know the difference between good and evil.

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I was attracted to the girl.

Vincent wasn't fired.

That might be possible, I suppose.


Who knows what happened?

Sometimes I say "yes," even though I want to say "no."

I can call them if you want.

I'm just as worried as you are.

Nobody has seen him ever since.


Did you know Stacy was lonely?

I don't regret doing that.

How are things?

Are not you the cause of this for me?

I'm afraid of death very much. But thus I don't prevent it, but rather give myself some problems.

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She has two brothers, who work in the computer industry.

The world has become a dangerous place for tourists.

I assure you this is about much more than money.

My father cares much about food.

Don't tell Denis that.

How's the patient feeling this morning?

He fell in love with her, but didn't even know her name.


Not for all the tea in China!

I saw many tourists on the beach.

There were two hundred people in the room.

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This is our room.

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I needed to speak to you about something.

Renu's situation was different.

How's it going down there?

Mother is now involved in tennis.

She was stupid enough to believe him.

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The sun was warm in the morning, but it's cold at this moment.

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Look at all you've accomplished.


I was quoting her.

I've been feeling sick for the last three days.

Her job is to type.

That day, the most important invention of humanity was born.

Who do you live with?


I can't agree to your proposal on the ground that it is not fair and reasonable.

I'm old enough to be your father.

The object of the journey was to visit Grandma.

Why do I have to do this? What's the point?

Bob will play the leading role for the first time in the next school festival.

Werner asked me to wake him up at 2:30.

It sounds like you've been talking to Sanity.

Would you rather be on your own?

The odds are two-to-one that the Reds win.


I'm not a vegetarian.


The company offered me a generous package.

My brother studies as hard as I do.

Don't listen to Wilson. He's lying to you.

Can you spot Bill in this picture?

Theo is going to find the answer.


The goal of the center should be to train young people from other countries within a specific time period.


Do we have anything I can snack on?

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Where is there a telephone?

Will you do me the honor of dining with me?

To govern a country is not an easy job.

Liz denied that he had accepted the bribe.

'Philosophy' is a Greek word that means the love of wisdom.

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You might want to talk to Judy.


Dog is man's best friend.

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Don't tell Father about this.

That woman gets shy easily.

She's American.

You are extremely unpleasant.

A name indicating something far away or in distant memory.

Simon's grandfather told him never to lose his sense of wonder.

No drinkers.